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Ready to Drink (RTD)

ready to drink

Date: TBD
The student will have 2 months of access to complete the modules and assessments. 

Learning Time: Approximately 25 hours

Cost to complete the full badge: $449+gst

This microcredential consists of the following 5 modules: 

Ready to Drink Ethanol Production
This module focuses on the elements and ingredients for Ready to Drink beverages. The student will gain an understanding of the raw materials used to produce Ready to Drink beverages. Ethanol acquisition and production methods will be explored and the process of fermentation will be explained. An overview of the major pieces of equipment utilized in Ready to Drink beverage production  will be explored.

Ready to Drink Flavors: Ingredients and Flavor Additives 
This module focuses on the flavors and sensory characteristics of Ready to Drink beverages. You will learn which common sensory techniques are used in the analysis  This includes positive and negative sensory compounds commonly encountered as flavor sources will be explored. The addition of flavoring compounds to create  Ready to Drink beverages will be examined.  The module will conclude with an overview of the flavor sources and their contribution to overall nutritional content.

Ready to Drink Quality
This module focuses on the quality of Ready to Drink beverages. You will learn how quality standards apply to this beverage category and how they differ from other beverages. Microbiological and chemical information will be discussed as it applies to beverage quality and shelf stability. Process aids to increase shelf life will be explored.  The use of quality assurance and quality control will be applied to Ready to Drink beverages.

Ready to Drink Finishing
This module focuses on finishing options for Ready to Drink beverages. You will learn about clarifications, finings, and filtration methods commonly. Carbonation will be discussed in detail and the math will be explained to ensure the student can properly carbonate a beverage. Packaging styles commonly employed by Ready to Drink Beverages will also be discussed.

Ready to Drink Marketing and Sales
This module focuses on the history, origins, and marketing & sales of Ready to Drink beverages. Current market overview and predictions for the future of this category as it pertains to flavour development based on new market trends will be discussed.  The role of government taxation and labeling criteria in Canada will be explored

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A microcredential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification.