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Emilie Edgar B.A.Sc.

Research Technician


Emilie is a Research Technician for the TACLP at the College, and is responsible for assisting in research projects and laboratory experiments, collecting and managing data, and livestock husbandry. Emilie is passionate about the livestock sector and is interested in supporting new innovative ideas to provide a more sustainable future in the agriculture industry.

Emilie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agribusiness along with a diploma in Agriculture Management majoring in Production — both completed at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. As a College student, Emilie completed her eight-month Directed Field Study (DFS) for her degree program with the TACLP and was hired full-time afterwards. She enjoys the continuous learning she receives by working with the TACLP and building her career in the agriculture industry. Emilie says there is something new to learn every day, and they continuously get to solve new challenges which makes work both interesting and fun.

Emilie’s main focus at the College is on the floating island technology project. Since starting as a DFS student, Emilie and a fellow researcher technician regularly monitor the ponds and floating islands involved in the applied research project, perform water and plant sampling, and check weather parameters, precipitation and contaminant concentrations at the sites. The research team recently launched 55 floating islands on the water, and will be collecting and analyzing data over the next two years to see if they can produce high-quality recycled water for producers.

Outside of the office, Emilie spends the majority of her time with her family. Her immediate family of 16 people — including 9 siblings and 3 nieces — enjoys going on warm holidays during the winter; they recently returned from a nice, relaxing break in Mexico. She also likes to regularly hangout with her friends and make road trips to the mountains.


Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production

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