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Alison Neale B.Sc.

Research Associate 306.914.1362


Alison Neale is a Research Associate at the TACLP. Alison was raised locally in a neighbouring community, but her family didn’t grow up on a farm and she always wanted to work with animals.

Alison received a B.Sc. in Animal Biosciences from the University of Saskatchewan in 2019. She worked as a Research Technician at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine before joining Feedlot Health Services as a Project Manager. In both of these roles, Alison conducted and organized livestock research activities, monitored data, and worked at the ground level in feedlots and cow/calf ranches.

Alison enjoys working with the TACLP and the great group of colleagues she has here at the College. She has been specifically working with GrowSafe trials and virtual fencing research, and is excited about getting more immersed in agriculture and livestock research. She likes being part of applied research activities with the TACLP in order to explore and test products that could be practical and functional for the producer themselves.

She has a deep love for animals, specifically for learning all about the production side of livestock and how food gets from the farm to the table. She is passionate about helping young people better understand the agriculture industry and become knowledgeable about how food is grown in a healthy and sustainable way.

During her time away from work, Alison spends a lot of time with her dog — a three-year-old Newfoundland Poodle named Berni. Alison and Berni recently took a solo camping trip down to Utah to explore and enjoy nature. Alison also enjoys kayaking, fishing, hiking, and mini road trips and is looking forward to her upcoming adventure driving around B.C. to explore the mountains.


Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production

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