UFA Innovation Day

UFA Innovation Day

Have a great ag innovation idea? UFA Innovation Day, coming this fall, is your chance to develop an idea in partnership with UFA and Olds College. Together we will provide mentorship and financial support for innovative ideas that have what it takes to Get it. Done.

How it works.

  1. Come up with an innovative ag idea.

  2. Meet with Karla Petersen, Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Olds College to flesh out your idea.

  3. October 10, 2019 - Submission entry deadline. 

    • For students to apply for the October 10th date they need to do a business model canvas and a small pitch deck. Someone will be at each of the drop-in sessions that can help them with their business model canvas and that during the October 5th and 6th workshop it will be discussed in depth. 
    • Pitch Deck: A pitch deck includes a quick overview of the business and the market. The pitch deck will be built in PowerPoint or a similar program. Notes can be made in the note section so that your idea can get across. The pitch deck will include a max of 10 slides that describe your idea, the market, and the customer. These slides should include:
      •  Title
      • Problem (What problem are you solving?)
      • Vale proposition (how are you going to solve it/diagrams or drawings can be included)
      • Business Model (how are you going to make money)
      • Who are your customers?
      • Competitive analysis (who else is solving this problem?)
      • Management Team (what is your and/or your team’s background?)

    • View the Business Model Canvas | See How To Use The Business Model Canvas (VIDEO)

  4. Attend the Build Your Business weekend workshop on October 5-6, 2019 with College staff to work on developing your business plan and pitch.

  5. October 17, 2019 UFA Innovation Day – The top 10 ideas will be named semi-finalists and will move onto phase two, the Showcase Presentation. UFA will provide a $500 credit to help students further develop their projects. A mentor will be assigned to each innovator.

  6. The Pitch – showcase your idea to a panel of judges on March 25, 2020. Winning presentations will have an opportunity to receive financial support to commercialize their idea or product.

UFA Innovation Day Submission Form

Register for the October 5-6 - Weekend Workshop

UFA is under no obligation to provide any funding towards any commercialization of any proposal without entering into mutually executed written agreement(s). 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I have to be a current student to participate?
A: If you are a current student anytime during 2019, you are eligble to participate.

Q: How many semi-finalists are there?
A: There will be a maximum of ten semi-finalists chosen and announced at UFA Innovation Day, October 17, 2019.

Q: Will there be help available to me?
A: Yes, once you are registered, you will be matched with a mentor who will be there to guide you along the process.

Q: Is there a time limit for the Showcase presentation?
A: Yes, there will be a time limit of 10 minutes per presentation.

Q: How many winners will there be at the Showcase?
A: UFA will announce the top three winners.

Q: Where can I register or get more information?
A: Registration details will be posted soon. For more UFA Innovation Day information, please contact Karla Petersen at kpetersen@oldscollege.ca or 403.512.8633.


About UFA Co-operative Limited:

Founded in 1909, UFA Co-operative Limited is an Alberta-based agricultural co-operative with more than 110,000 member-owners. UFA’s network comprises more than 110 bulk fuel and Cardlock Petroleum locations, 34 Farm & Ranch Supply stores and a support office located in Calgary, AB. Independent Petroleum Agents and more than 950 UFA employees provide products, services and agricultural solutions to farmers, ranchers, members and commercial customers in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. For more information, visit www.UFA.com.

Available Olds College Resources
ResourceNameContact InfoHow Can They Help
Maker SpaceJohn Newmanjnewman@oldscollege.caJohn can you to design create and innovate. Using 3d Printers and 3D modelling, he can help you to new approaches to problem-solving, and building your ideas.
Business Model/Ag Tech ExpertJames BenkieJBenkie@oldscollege.caJames is the Dean of Agriculture Technology. As a seasoned business leader, he works closely with the agriculture industry to help to develop the smart farm. James is a great sounding board and industry connection
Head LibrarianCaroline VandrielCvandriel@oldscollege.caCaroline is the new head librarian at Olds College. She can help you to research different companies in your space, customer information, market size, and patents
Sustainable Agriculture and cropsPaul Tiegeptiege@oldscollege.caPaul is Olds College's lead scientist for crops and sustainable agriculture. He is passionate about helping students go from idea to product development
Grain storage, bio-mass, overall AgJoy Agnewjagnew@oldscollege.caJoy is the director of the OCCI. She sees new innovations in ag come across her desk all the time. Similar to Paul, she loves working with students to build out their plan
LivestockSean Thompsonsthompson@oldscollege.caSean runs the Technology Access Center for Livestock (TAC). Sean is very knowledgeable in the livestock industry and what is currently on the market and where some holes are.
Business ModelKarla Petersenkpetersen@oldscollege.caKarla can help you to develop your business model canvas, as well as a sounding board to help with customer discovery, problem, solution fit, and general advice
Pitch Deck SupportMaureenMaureen.Easton@catapultentrepreneurs.caMaureen runs the Central Alberta business incubator, Catapult. She can help you with business support as well as developing your pitch deck