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Bovine Ultrasound


Ultrasound is an extremely accurate tool for evaluating pregnancy and the reproductive tract of cattle! Did you know that using an ultrasound for beef cattle can help improve efficiency, increase safety, and reduce strain on your body?

For Vets: TBD

$600 + GST for Veterinarian offering
$1350 + GST for RVT offering

Length of Program/Course: 
Veterinarians: 6 Hours
RVTs: 16 hours + 8 hours of online learning prior to attending the course

Delivery: Olds College of Agriculture & Technology Campus

Application Deadline: The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to each class start date.

Equipment: Ultrasound equipment will be provided by the instructor. However, registered vet techs and veterinarians who wish to may bring their own ultrasound units. We don't always get to the use of multiple units depending on the interest of the class.

Course Details

Bovine Ultrasound for Veterinarians

Bovine Ultrasound training is offered to registered veterinarians for the purpose of pregnancy detection. It is a one-day course that will cover the following:
  •  Inform why to ultrasound cattle
  • The basics of ultrasounding cattle
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis and Fetal Aging
  • Diagnosing open cows with ultrasound
  • Use of Extension Arms
  • And much more!

Dates: TBD
Cost: $600 + GST
Course Length: 6 hours (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)
Prerequisites: Must be a registered veterinarian
Delivery Method: Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Bovine Ultrasound for RVTs

The Veterinary Profession Act allows for a veterinarian to delegate veterinary medical tasks, except diagnosis, surgery and prescribing treatment, to a registered veterinary technologist (RVT) working under the direction and control of the veterinarian. A registered veterinarian who directs or controls an RVT in the practice of veterinary medicine shall

  • Provide adequate instruction and supervision of the registered veterinary technologist
  • Have in-person communication with the registered veterinary technologist
  • Ensure that the RVT is competent to carry out the aspects of veterinary medicine that the
    registered member asks the RVT to perform

Dates: TBD
Cost: $1350 + GST
Course Length:

  • 8 hours of online learning (Students must successfully complete within the two weeks prior to attending)
  • 16 hours (2 days) Face to Face
  • (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)

Prerequisites: Registered Veterinary Technologist

In order to be eligible to enroll in this Advanced Training Certificate Program for Alberta
Registered Veterinary Technologists, you must currently be working under a registered
veterinarian and be a graduated RVT.

Delivery Method: Blended

After the successful completion of this course, RVTs can perform pregnancy detection in beef cattle using ultrasound, in the province of Alberta under the indirect supervision of a veterinarian given that the job has been delegated by a veterinarian and the RVT has proven they are competent in this area. Students are responsible for checking other province's rules and regulations around RVTs performing ultra-sounding for pregnancy detection when working outside of Alberta. Proficiency of this skill typically takes 100 -200 assessments. To develop proficiency, it is important to work closely with the veterinarian.

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