Introduction to Veterinary Medicine for Teens

Veterinary student listening in class

What can you expect from this program/course?

In this program, you will get a glimpse of life in a veterinary clinic or other animal care related business.  Through classroom learning, demonstration and hands-on learning opportunities you will learn basic skills and become familiar with various career opportunities related to veterinary science.

"I was very impressed with the knowledge I received from the instructor! She was very informative and has definitely left a very positive impact on myself and other students. Very educational course overall! Would definitely come back if there were a more advanced course like this."

Student Feedback

What will you learn?

If you have thought about pursuing a career related to animal health, but are not sure what options are available to you, or which options might be the best fit for you, this course will help get you the information you need in order to choose a direction. The instructor and guest speakers will give you a great idea of the role each veterinary team member plays, and you'll enjoy the hands-on time in the afternoon with our cuddly animals!

Each day you will spend some time in the classroom in the morning, then doing hands-on learning in the afternoon. One day there will be a field trip (bus transportation & lunch included) to visit and tour some state-of-the-art animal care facilities.

You will learn some basics of animal care & first aid:

  • animal behavior
  • safety
  • handling & restraint
  • general animal health assessment
  • physical exams
  • basic first aid
  • bandaging techniques

Program at a glance

Credentials: None

Dates: August 18 – 21, 2020

Length of Program: 4 Days

Delivery: Olds Campus

Applications Deadline: Registrations will be accepted until the class is full (apply early to ensure your seat)

Costs: $595, all materials and field day trip are included

Prerequisites: None

If I am younger than 13 can I still take this course?

We're excited for you to take this course, but you will have to wait until you are 13.

Will we get an idea of what large animal veterinary teams do?

During this class the focus is on small animals (dog & cat), however we have included some demonstrations on horses so you can get a feel for that too.

If I do not live close to Olds, what are my accommodation options?

There are a variety of options for staying both on campus or in the town of Olds. To see current options, please visit our Accommodations On Campus Page

Is food included?

The course tuition includes snacks and juice each morning, and lunch/snacks/juice on the tour day. Other than the tour day, lunch is your responsibility. You have one hour, so you can either bring your lunch, or purchase it from the cafeteria on campus.

Is this offered every year?

We cannot guarantee that, however it is very popular, and we do plan to offer it each year at least once per summer.

When do we have to register by?

This is a tough one to answer – we cap the class at 15 students to ensure safety and a great learning environment, and the class fills up quite quickly, so the sooner the better to ensure a space!