Turf Science Certificate

Olds College turfgrass students

What can you expect from this program/course?

This certificate addresses general and specialized aspects of the science, current cultural systems and construction practices for the turf industry. Courses provide practical applications relevant to parks, sports turf, golf course, professional lawn care, sod production and turf-related sales/service sectors.

What will you learn?

This certificate is suitable for individuals new to the industry, along with those wanting formal education to match or broaden their professional expertise. After gaining a grounding in common turf science principles, learners are able to select a focus in Parks and Sports Turf, or Golf Course Turf.

  • 2 required courses + 1 elective  
  • Eligible for the Alberta-Canada Job Grant

Program at a Glance

Credential: Certificate, 3 credits per course

Tuition: $799 per course

Required Texts and Materials: None

Registration Deadline: 2-weeks prior to class start date

Length of Program: 10 weeks per course

Delivery Method: Online

Course Dates: 

  • Level 1: October 7 - December 13, 2019
  • Level 2: January 6 - March 13, 2020
  • Electives:  March 30 - June 5, 2020

Course Details

Turf Science Level 1

This course is an introduction to the science of turf establishment and maintenance practices for golf courses, sports fields, and parks. You will learn the basics of turfgrass biology and the physical properties of soils. Various methods of turfgrass establishment, basic cultural practices (mowing, irrigation, and fertilization), drainage systems, and integrated weed and wildlife pest management are also covered.

Course Dates: October 2018 Dates TBD

Turf Science Level 2

This course builds on Level 1, exploring the use of different grasses for parks, sports turf and golf course applications. You will learn selected aspects of turfgrass physiology, and soil chemistry as they relate to turf health. Fertilizer application and fertility programs, irrigation system operation, specialized cultural practices (thatch management, aeration and topdressing), the management of insect pests, and an overview of turf diseases are also covered.

Prerequisite: Turf Science Level 1

Turf Science for Golf Courses (Elective)

This course focuses on turf for golf courses, including maintenance practices unique to cool season turf, related calculations and specialized mower operation. Annual bentgrass management, winter protection for greens, and an overview of the construction of greens, tees, fairways, and bunkers are also covered.

Prerequisite: Turf Science Level 1 & 2

Turf Science for Parks and Sports Turf (Elective)

Focusing on turf for specialized sports and recreational use, this course addresses the design, construction and renovation of selected sports fields and park areas. Cultural practices unique to each area are addressed. Field safety and preparation for play for selected sports is also covered.

Prerequisite: Turf Science Level 1 & 2