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Common websites our students visit. 

Listed alphabetically 


Canada Dept. of Justice

Canada Gazette - Acts and Regulations

Canada Grain Act

Canadian Agriculture Statistics

Canadian Beef

Canadian Census of Agriculture 2011

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Canadian Climate Normals

Canadian Clothing Industry Statistics

Canadian Compendium of Veterinary Products

Canadian Concise Gazetteer of Canada

Canadian Dairy Commission Annual Report

Canadian Dictionary of Business and Economics

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines

Canadian Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing Industry

Canadian Grain Commission

Canadian Grain Commission - Guides and Manuals

Canadian Kennel Club  - Dog Breeds

Canadian Law Dictionary

Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory

Canadian Orchid Congress

Canadian Reference Guide to the United Nations

Canadian Regulations and Procedures for Pedigreed Seed Crop Production

Canadian Seed Growers Association

Canadian Universities

Canadian Veterinary Journal

Canadian Weather Conditions

Canadian Wheat Board

CanFax: Canada's source for Cattle market Information

Canola Council of Canada

Career Planning - Alberta Government

Career Planning - Canadian Government

Cassell's Latin English Dictionary

Census of Canadian Agriculture - Selected Historical Data

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

Cereals [Canada] 1914

Cereals and Oilseeds Review

Chemistry Dictionary

Chilton Library

Clicker Training (Video)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Collins English Russian Dictionary

Collins French Dictionary

Collins German Dictionary

Collins Italian Dictionary

Collins Spanish Dictionary

Concise Dictionary of Canadianisms

Copyright Board of Canada

Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (CHLA)

Costume and Textile Collections Online

Costume History

La Coutiere Parienne


Queen's Printer - Alberta Government Documents


None listed at this time.