Dates and Fees Schedule

The fee schedule below shows a detailed breakdown of fees per program. Please refer to this page when planning the financial portion of your education.

Program Dates and Fees

For Certificate, Diploma and Applied Degree programs

2019-2020 Program Dates and Fees

2018-2019 Program Dates and Fees (PDF)

Period Dates and Fees 

For Apprenticeship Programs

2019-2020 Apprenticeship Dates and Fees

Information for Students in Certificate, Diploma and Applied Degree programs, and Open Studies



  • Fees are estimates by program and term, based on a full course load. Actual fees are specific to each students and billed to the My Olds College account approximately one month prior to each term start date.
  • Books and supplies are purchased directly by the student, and are not billed to the My Olds College account.
  • A $200.00 late payment fee will be charged if fees are not paid by the payment deadline each term.

Add a course:

  • A course may be added up to and including 6% through the course. The add date is specific to each course based on the course dates.
  • Adding a course will result in additional fees.

Drop a course:

  • A course dropped up to and including 12% through the course will not be recorded on the student transcript, will not impact the Grade Point Average (GPA), and will result in a refund.
  • A course dropped 13 to 50% through the course will be recorded on the student transcript with a grade of 'W', will not impact the Grade Point Average (GPA), and will result in no refund.
  • A course dropped after 50% through the course will be recorded on the student transcript with a grade of 'F', will impact the Grade Point Average (GPA), and will result in no refund.

Definitions of Fees


Fees Olds College has been authorized to collect by the Provincial Government under the Post-Secondary Learning Act [Sec. 61(1)] for the use of instruction in courses that are part of programs approved by Alberta Advanced Education (AAE) under the Program of Study Regulation (AR 91/2009).

Program Fee: 

Fees Olds College collects to cover the costs of materials and supplies that facilitate instruction in a program that are not included in tuition.

Admin Fee:

 Collected for purposes of offering services to students. These services include but are not limited to tutoring, transcripts, parchments, convocation ceremony, ID cards, printing services, and information technology services and maintenance.

Building Fund Fee: 

The building fund fee is held until such a time as it is needed.  It is used for the maintenance and upkeep of campus buildings as well as a contribution to construction of new buildings in the future.

SS & CE Fee: 

The Student Services & Community Engagement Fee (SSCE) fee is dedicated towards a volunteer honorarium program to engage students with the surrounding community.

Health Dental:

The SAOC offers extended Health and Dental plans for full-time students. Students with existing extended health and dental benefit plans, may complete a form to opt out of this fee. This fee is not charged for Heavy Equipment Operator, Pre-Employment programs, Apprenticeship programs and Applied Degree DFS. Students in these programs mentioned, may enroll in this plan by contacting the SAOC Student Benefits Plan Office.

SAOC Fee: 

The Students' Association of Olds College (SAOC) fee is used to support a variety of student-focused services and initiatives such as student advocacy, health and wellness events, scholarships, The Crossing Restaurant & Pub, The Food Pantry, Club activities and day to day operations.

Rec Fee:

This fee is charged to students at the Olds campus for the purpose of providing recreation opportunities and facilities.