English Language Learning (ELL) Blended

Introduction to Brewing, Introduction to Tourism Services

Olds College has extensive experience in preparing students for success. This dynamic 4-week blended program will prepare learners with the language and introductory skills for pursuing further studies at Olds College.

ELL-Blended Program

This program will prepare students with an interest in Brewery Operations and Tourism Services Management for communication situations in the Canadian industries, while working to improve their language skills.

What can you expect from this program?

These English Language Learning Blended Programs will include interactive classes where you will gain workplace and education skills and take part in industry-focused and cultural trips. Students in this programs will take three content-specific courses and one English Language Learning blended course targeted to specific content, including grammar, writing and listening.

Spring Intake

May - June

Fall Intake

July - August

Content specific classes will be held from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday through Friday, and ELL classes are held from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Monday through Thursday over 4 weeks.

Program at a glance

Program Costs: $3,968


  • Administration Services and Application fee: $150
  • Accommodation per 4-week session: $1,000
  • Meals per 4-week session: $1,000
  • International Medical Insurance per 4-week session: $52.25
  • Transportation: $40
  • Books: $100
  • Industry Focused Tours/Activities: $100
  • Tuition Fees per 4-week session: $1,526