International Student Opportunities

Upcoming International Opportunities

21 Day Saxony Summer School 2018 
July 22nd - August 11th 2018

Every day of your trip is made up of a combination of volunteering or building activities, unique cultural experiences, language instruction and social entrepreneurship strategy.

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Post Diploma Certificate for Mexican Students: 

The Post-Diploma Certificate is a special program designed for students finishing degrees at partner universities. Students complete a semester of study (winter) at Olds College along with a work experience course during the spring and summer.

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Language and Culture in Central Alberta:

Students in this unique four week course will travel Alberta on cultural trips, excursions, and community events, participate in interactive classes, gain workplace and education skills. These experiences will help in pursuing further studies at Olds College. 

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English Language Learning (ELL) Blended Introduction to Brewing and Tourism Services.

This program will prepare students with an interest in Brewery Operations and Tourism Services Management for communication situations in the Canadian industries, while working to improve their language skills.

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Student Exchange Programs

Olds College Students

Olds College students who are interested in completing degrees in another country can do so via our exciting student exchange programs:

  • Equine Science: Students who have completed an Equine Science diploma at Olds College can go on to complete a BSc degree in Equine Studies in England at Hartpury College 
  • Agricultural & Heavy Equipment: Students who have completed a Agricultural & Heavy Equipment diploma from Olds College can complete a Bachelor degree in Diesel Engineering from Montana State University in the United States.

Japanese Student Exchange Program

The Japanese Student Exchange Program is a special program for students from Rakuno Gakuen University in Japan. Students complete two semesters of study at Olds College along with a work experience course during the spring and summer.

Group Study Tours and International Projects

Education for Employment

In addition to our international exchange programs, including our Post Certificate Program, Emerging Leaders in the America’s Program and International Field Schools, the College is currently taking part in two Education for Employment projects in the Andean Region that Global Affairs Canada and Colleges and Institutes Canada launched in the fall of 2014. The first project is with Instituto de Educacion Superior Tecnologico Publico of Rioja, Peru (in partnership with Norquest College) and the second is with the Tecnologico Agropecuario Portachuelo in the area of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

These projects have allowed our partnerships to focus on increasing employment opportunities for youth and women and meeting the needs of agri-businesses, government and other stakeholders, while supporting environmental sustainable practices.

Olds College collaborates with organizations such as a Better World Canada to offer opportunities for students to gain experience in international projects. Examples include short study trips to build community gardens in Kenya (2013), participate in a Bolivian Agricultural tour (2012), or enrol in a Study Tour in the Dominican Republic (2008).

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