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International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Health System in Canada could be very different from your country. In Canada, especially talking about Alberta, the costs of medical care are high and it is important to have insurance.

    The good news is, if you are an International student in a 12 months or more program you can apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) if you don’t apply, you will pay for GuardMe, a particular insurance to cover your eventual medical expenses.

    What is AHCIP?

    AHCIP is the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. It is the best way to be covered and to save money. AHCIP is also called Alberta Health Card - ABHC

    What is GuardMe?

    GuardMe is an international insurance company which provides full payment, without co-insurance or deductibles, for doctor’s visits and hospitalizations for medically required urgent care, as well as for paramedical care, medicines and urgent dental care.

    What is Mystudent plan?

    This plan is in addition to your Alberta Health Card (ABHC) plan and covers services and prescription drugs not covered by ABHC. Additional services such as dental, massage or vision can be partially covered.

    Why do I need to have GuardMe or AHCIP and mystudentplan?

    Because GuardMe and AHCIP cover only Doctor's appointments, Hospital services, such as emergencies or hospital admissions, Laboratory exams and tests and Vaccines. Mystudentplan can be used to decrease the costs of: Required prescription drugs, Vision Exams and glasses, Paramedical practitioners appointments, Dental treatments, Ambulance rides, Emergency travel assistance.

    How can I apply for the AHCIP?

    You can apply by mail (and will take some time to receive a return) or in a Registry.

    Unfortunately Olds Registry doesn’t offer this service, the nearest Registry for this service is Innisfal (25 minutes by car). 

    You can meet a Registry Officer at Olds College. Be sure not to lose the date, follow your emails and our  International Students Calendar.

    What happens if I don’t apply?

    Remember before you present your AHCIP you are paying for GuardMe.

    What do I need to do to cancel GuardMe?

    You need to send a copy of your Alberta health card to As the guardme is a monthly plan, we need to receive your email before day 20 of each month to cancel your guardme payment on the next month.

    Could I opt out mystudentplan?

    Yes you could, but you need to show you have similar coverage on another insurance to do that. For more information accessmystudentplan page.

    Has Olds College any health and wellness services?

    Yes, it has. Click on this link for more information. Health and Wellness has some amazing services to help you to stay healthy in Canada.

    Who do I need to see if I have health issues?

    If you have an emergency, go to the hospital. If it is something that you can wait for a medical appointment, it is better to go to a walk-in Clinic or make an appointment with a family doctor.

  • Am I a full-time student?

    Full time status is determined by your institution. At Olds College, 9 credits is full time.

    Can I work while I am a student?

    If you are in a qualified certificate or diploma program, you can work up to 20 hours a week while you remain a full-time student. This information is on your study permit.

    Do I need a co-op work permit?

    If your program requires a mandatory co-op work placement, you do. You may have received it upon entry to Canada. If you did not, you will need to apply for one.

    Can my spouse come to Canada while I am a full-time student?

    Yes, your spouse can apply for temporary status for the duration of your study permit if you are in a qualified certificate or diploma program.

    Can my spouse work while I am a full-time student?

    Yes, they can apply for an Spousal Open Work permit for the duration of your studies.

    Can I take a semester off? 

    This is never a good idea. You need to visit the International Office if you wish to do so. This could affect your eligibility to stay in Canada and your eligibility for your Post-Graduation Work permit.

    Can I work full time in the summer?

    If your program has a scheduled break, such as summer (May to August), you can work full time hours. You must be full time before AND after the break.

    What is a TRV?

    A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is what allows you to enter Canada. Your country of citizenship will determine if you need this in addition to your study permit. Your TRV has to be valid if you wish to leave Canada and return.

    What is a PGWP?

    A Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows international students the ability to stay in Canada after their studies. The length of your PGWP relates to length of program.

    If I get sick, can I go to the doctor?

    Yes, as an international student, you have access to free health care within Alberta if you have registered for Alberta Healthcare at an Alberta Registry. Bring your study permit and proof of Alberta address to do so.

  • How do I check my final grades? 

    Log into your MyOldsCollege account >> Student Services tab >> Student Records >> Academic Transcript >> Transcript Level: Undergraduate & Transcript Type: Unofficial

    How do I get my transcripts?

    Wait until your final grades are posted and submit a Transcript Request.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    How do I get a program completion letter?

    After final grades are posted you can submit a Program Completion Letter Request.

    After final grades are entered by your instructors, your program must be audited for completion before your letter can be issued.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    How do I get a letter that states that I am a full-time student?

    Request an Enrolment Verification Letter Request.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    How can I invite my parents to convocation from overseas?

    Request a Convocation Invitation Letter from

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    How do I request a receipt for payments I have made?

    Email your admission officer or ask for a receipt at the time of payment.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    Can I ask for my friends' personal or student information?

    No. At Olds College, we can only share your personal information with you, the individual student.

    This is due to Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act which local public bodies such as universities or colleges must follow.

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