Post Diploma Certificate for Mexican Students

Post Credit Diploma - International

What can you expect from this program?

Students who are part of the special agreement with Latin American universities typically transfer 15 credits from approximately 5 university courses taken in the third or fourth year of their degrees to Olds College. Students also take three 3-credit courses at Olds College in the winter term (January to April) including an English course, and complete a workplace practicum during the summer worth 6 credits.

This allows for the completion of the 30-credit Post-Diploma Certificate and study and work in Canada for 7.5 months.

What can you expect from this program?

7.5 Months | January | Olds Campus

The Post-Diploma Certificate is a special program designed for students finishing degrees at partner universities. Students complete a semester of study (winter) at Olds College along with a work experience course during the spring and summer. The Post-Diploma Certificate special program is a flexible 30-credit certificate. Students can choose from specific areas of specialization in agriculture, animal sciences, agricultural business, environment, or horticulture.