Utility Tree Worker & Utility Tree Trimmer Recertification

Students learn about the equipment for utility workers

What can you expect from this program/course?

Utility Tree Worker and Utility Tree Trimmer certifications are valid for 5-years and expire on June 30 of the 5-year anniversary of registration. Register in this course if your Professional Vegetation Management Association (formerly Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta - IVMAA) certificate expires in 2020.

What will you learn?

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be up to date with the latest Electrical and Communication Utility Systems Regulations respecting Utility Tree Workers and Utility Tree Trimmers and be able to:

  • identify acceptable safe work practices and routines while working around energized power lines and equipment

  • request line outages and equipment blocking

  • correctly identify limits of approach for all voltage levels and demonstrate these safe clearance distances

  • properly maintain tools and equipment used to perform work around energized power lines and equipment

  • identify and implement current electrical safety standards and safety practices important to you on the job

View the Utility Tree Worker/Trimmer Recertification Training Brochure (PDF)

Program at a glance

Credentials: See www.pvma.ca for certification registration requirements and details.
Email val@pvma.ca  or call 1.877.249.1508 for more details.

Program Dates:

  • April 23 - 24, 2020
  • April 30 -  May 1, 2020 
Length of Program: 2 Days @ 8 am - 5 pm

Delivery: Olds Campus

Costs: Tuition $440 (subject to change). See www.pvma.ca for the Professional Vegetation Management Association application fee for certification.

Admission Requirements: Previous successful passing of full course.

This is a recertification only.