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Continuing Education Programming

  • Air Brake Endorsement

    Semi Truck travelling

    Classes 2-7 drivers are able to take this course and add a "Q" endorsement to their license (Class 1 drivers have air brakes specific testing). After successful completion of the practical and written exams at the conclusion of the course, you will be eligible to apply for the "Q" endorsement through a Registry agent.


    Testing times will be booked with the instructor at the start of the course. Testing will occur Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6 pm-9 pm.

    • October 29 | Testing November 1 & 3, 2022
    • November 26 | Testing November 29 & December 1, 2022
    • January 21 Testing | January 24 & 26, 2023
    • March 4 | Testing March 7 & 9, 2023

    Costs: $249 + GST


  • Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT) Entrance Exam Preparation

    Professor teaches a group of trade students

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    These online, self-directed courses are interactive with innovative learning strategies. The courses are developed to help you learn the competencies required to be successful in passing the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training Entrance Exam. These courses are able to be customized by the learner! 

    Dates: 2nd Wednesday of Every Month

    Delivery: Online


  • Beyond Beginner Blacksmithing


    What can you expect from this course?

    Beyond Beginner- This intense two-day format that builds on the skills learned in the fundamental forging courses. Although there is not a formal prerequisite to this course, this 2-day course is intense and you are in for a workout and steep learning curve if you haven't done any forging, but if you like a challenge and are up for it, jump in. The following weekend projects will help you get your own tools made for you to build your toolbox. These courses include discussion of techniques, demonstrations and lot of practice in front of the forge. You will go home with the tools that you made.


  • Case New Holland Technician

    Student works inside a Case New Holland Quadtrac

    What can you expect from our program/course?

    Olds College and Case New Holland Limited have teamed up to offer this unique program as a professional development stream for Case New Holland Technicians to become certified. The program is structured over four years with ten weeks of training at Olds College each year.

    Applicants must be employed by a sponsoring Case New Holland dealer and be indentured as an agricultural equipment technician apprentice or a heavy equipment technician apprentice, or already have Journeyman status in either trade. You may only apply with employer permission. The program supplements apprenticeship training with specialty training on Case New Holland equipment. Case New Holland employed Journeymen may take the specialty training as a standalone program.


  • CWB Weld Testing

    Welder working

    Olds College is an authorized test centre for the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). Welders who are not employed by a company certified to CSA W47.1 and are not a member of a union providing testing facilities, are eligible for testing.

    Dates: Every Monday, September - April

    Length of Program: Times vary depending on testing required

    Delivery Method: Olds Campus


  • Fundamental Forging

    Blacksmith works on horseshoe

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    Learn basic blacksmith skills in a hands-on course. The course includes an overview of safety, tools, and forge management. You will go home with at least one finished project. This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and learn a heritage skill.

    Fundamental Forging Dates: 

    • Level 1 FUNdamental Forging - Shepherd's Hook: November 26, 2022
    • Level 2 FUNdamental Forging - Basic Tool Making: October 15, 2022 and February 25, 2023

    Costs: $199 + GST


  • Introduction to Welding

    Olds College welder working

    This program is for beginners and for welders who would like more hands on practice. This course will cover the theory, techniques and shop practice of oxyacetylene welding of mild steel brazing, flame cutting, arc welding and MIG welding.

    Program Dates:

    • September 19 - October 24, 2022
      • Mondays & Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm
    • March 13 - April 17, 2023
      • Mondays & Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm

    Length of Program: 30 hours

    Costs: $499 + GST (Manual included)


  • John Deere Technician

    Students assess the inside of a John Deere

    What can you expect from our program/course?

    Olds College and John Deere Limited have teamed up to offer this unique program as a professional development stream for John Deere Technicians to become certified. The program is structured over four years with ten weeks of training at Olds College each year.

    You will benefit from studying in a facility specifically built and equipped with 1.5 million dollars of equipment to professionally develop John Deere technicians. John Deere supplies their most updated product line equipment such as combines, four-wheel tractors, balers, mower conditioners, forage harvesters, air seeders and sprayers.


  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

    What Will You Learn?

    In this training session, you will discover the benefits and costs of powder selection, the safety hazards and controls, surface prep and substrates, hanging systems, booth design, powder application, ovens and curing, and quality control and testing. Learn all of the tips and tricks of this trade from our industry experts.

    This course offers two training options:

    • Online Learning
    • Blended (Online/Face to Face)


  • Small Engines

    Group of students working over a engine repair

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    Learn theory and techniques to diagnose and repair small engines such as motorcycles, lawnmowers, garden tractors, snowmobiles, and other small engines.

    Tune up and Regular Maintenance: 

    • September 12 - October 3, 2022
    • March 6 - March 27, 2023 
      • (Weekly Mon, Wed from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

    Overhaul Procedures: 

    • October 17 - November 9, 2022
    • March 29 - April 24, 2023 
      • (Weekly Mon, Wed from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm)
    Cost: $399+GST
    Length of Program: 21 hours
  • Stump Treatment Pesticide Certificate Tutorial

    Tree stump inspection

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    The Stump Treatment Pesticide Certificate is required for individuals applying herbicides to stumps and is available only to those with a Utility Tree worker or Utility Tree Trimmer Certificate.

    Program Dates: TBD

    Costs: $200+GST


  • Utility Tree Worker & Utility Tree Trimmer Recertification

    Students learn about the equipment for utility workers

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    Utility Tree Worker and Utility Tree Trimmer certifications are valid for 5-years and expire on June 30 of the 5-year anniversary of registration. Register in this course if your Professional Vegetation Management Association (formerly Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta - IVMAA) certificate expires in 2020.

    At the conclusion of this course, the student will be up to date with the latest Electrical and Communication Utility Systems Regulations respecting Utility Tree Workers and Utility Tree Trimmers and be able to:

    • identify acceptable safe work practices and routines while working around energized power lines and equipment

    • request line outages and equipment blocking

    • correctly identify limits of approach for all voltage levels and demonstrate these safe clearance distances

    • properly maintain tools and equipment used to perform work around energized power lines and equipment

    • identify and implement current electrical safety standards and safety practices important to you on the job

    Program Dates:

    2022 Dates:

    • November 16-17, 2022

    Self-Directed Program Dates: 

    • November 7 - 18, 2022
    • January 9 - 20, 2023
    • March 13 - 24, 2023

    Costs: Tuition $440 (subject to change). See for the Professional Vegetation Management Association application fee for certification.


  • Utility Tree Worker Safety Training

    Utility tree worker standing in a tree

    What can you expect from this program/course?

    This course was created and is maintained by the Professional Vegetation Managers Association in association with Olds College, the Electrical Safety Technical Service Division of Alberta Labour, and major utilities and their contractors in Alberta.

    Program Dates: 

    • Intake 1: March 28 - April 7, 2022
    • Intake 2: April 4 - 14, 2022

    Costs: $2625 (price is subject to change). Books are included in tuition cost.