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Powder Coating


What Will You Learn?

In this training session, you will discover the benefits and costs of powder selection, the safety hazards and controls, surface prep and substrates, hanging systems, booth design, powder application, ovens and curing, and quality control and testing. Learn all of the tips and tricks of this trade from our industry experts.

This course offers two training options:

  • Online Learning
  • Blended (Online/Face to Face)

Online Learning

  • Online Learning: Interactive Online Learning, 3-month access
  • Date: Enrollment 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Cost: $99+GST

Blended Learning: Online AND Face to Face

  • Location: Onsite and at your location.
  • 21 hour training session (5 hrs online and 16 hrs practical, hands-on instruction)
  • Cost: Price may vary with location.   

What will you learn?

  • What is Powder Coating?

  • Powder Selection- Costs/ Benefits of each

  • OHS, MSDS, PPE, Fire and Explosion hazards/controls

  • Surface Preparation/Substrates

  • Hanging Systems and Proper Grounding Best Practice

  • Booth Design and Maintenance

  • Powder Application

  • Ovens/Curing

  • Quality Control and Testing

  • Tips and Tricks of the trade to streamline efficiency and get better results 

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