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John Deere Technician


What can you expect from our program/course?

Olds College and John Deere Limited have teamed up to offer this unique program as a professional development stream for John Deere Technicians to become certified. The program is structured over four years with ten weeks of training at Olds College each year.

You will benefit from studying in a facility specifically built and equipped with 1.5 million dollars of equipment to professionally develop John Deere technicians. John Deere supplies their most updated product line equipment such as combines, four-wheel tractors, balers, mower conditioners, forage harvesters, air seeders and sprayers.

Credential: N/A

Length of Program: 2 Weeks

Delivery: Olds Campus

Cost: $1,500 + GST (to be reviewed in 2025)

Program Dates: 

1st Year: February 26 - March 8, 2024 or March 11 - 22, 2024

2nd Year: February 26 - March 8, 2024 or March 11 - 22, 2024

3rd Year: February 26 - March 8, 2024

4th Year: Cancelled

Selection Process for Admission: First qualified, first accepted

Accommodations: Accommodations Link or can contact Conferences Services at (403) 556-8330

Admission Requirements: Students must be employed at a John Deere Dealership and have received employer permission to apply. Students are first indentured as an Agricultural Equipment Technician or Heavy Equipment Technician apprentice.

Applicants must be employed by a sponsoring John Deere Dealer and indentured as an agricultural equipment technician apprentice or heavy equipment technician apprentice, or already have Journeyman status in either trade. You may only apply with employer permission.

This program supplements apprenticeship training with specialty training on John Deere equipment. John Deere employed Journeymen may take the specialty training as a standalone program.

Do you need more information?

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