Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Diploma

One plus One Year Diploma | September Intake


Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Diploma

Applications Open: October 1

Length of Program: Cert. +1 Year

Program Status: Open

This comprehensive program will give you a thorough understanding of the fundamentals in engines, hydraulics, braking, electrical, starting, charging, fuel systems and more. Students in this program will have the option of choosing one of two majors; Agricultural Equipment or Heavy Equipment.

After program completion, you have the option of writing apprenticeship exams for full technical accreditation towards your specific trade. You will also be well placed to attain Alberta Journeyman Status, pending completion of job training hours specified by Alberta Industry Trade Board. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Employ current Occupational Health and Safety and Industry safety standards and procedures in the workplace

  • Communicate to achieve desired outcomes in industry

  • Make decisions regarding the adjustment and repair of agricultural and heavy equipment systems

  • Demonstrate proficiency in adjustment and repair of selected agricultural and heavy equipment systems to meet industry and government standards

  • Diagnose common faults on agricultural and heavy equipment

  • Maintain agricultural and heavy equipment

  • Use advanced technologies on agricultural and heavy equipment

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What will you learn?

Our classrooms are discipline specific (e.g. motor lab, machinery lab) with a small student to instructor ratio and personal workbenches. With our experienced, Journeyman certified, industry-trained instructors, you will receive an education placing you at the forefront of the technical curve. Our extensive tool room exposes students to a wide range of tooling solutions for better problem solving and the large workshops comfortably house industry equipment for overhaul projects.

Agricultural Equipment Major

Agricultural equipment students will learn to repair, overhaul and maintain agricultural equipment including tractors, tillage equipment, seeding equipment, and harvesting equipment. They may also specialize in service and repair of fuel injection pumps and injectors, engine overhaul, hydraulic systems, power shift transmissions or specific types of equipment (combines, forage harvesters, tractors, etc.). A strong pathway into precision farming systems is also included.

Heavy Equipment Major

Heavy equipment students will learn to maintain, repair, and overhaul heavy vehicles and industrial equipment. They may also learn how to maintain and repair various types of vehicles and equipment including internal combustion engines, tracked equipment, earth moving equipment, rubber tired equipment, on- and off-highway trucks, or towed on- and off-highway trailers.

Program Details

Credential: Diploma

Length of Program: Certificate + 1 Year

Method of Delivery: On-campus

Program Intakes: Fall Intake - September program start

Program Dates: Please visit our Dates & Schedules page to confirm start and end dates of your desired program and confirm campus closures.

Applications Open: October 1 for the Fall Intake

Selection Process for Admission: First Qualified, First Accepted

Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Books, and Supplies: Please refer to the current Fee Schedule for details.

  • Tuition: $5,020 / Fees: $1,430 / Books & Supplies: $1,100

* Please note that international students pay 3.5 times the domestic tuition amount. These fees are provided as estimates only for the purposes of budgeting. All students should refer to the Fee Schedule for the most accurate information and all fees are subject to change.*

Alberta’s Apprenticeship & Industry Training

Alberta’s Apprenticeship & Industry Training - more benefits for students! When you graduate with a certificate, you can choose to write the apprenticeship exam for the first and second periods in either the Agricultural or Heavy Equipment programs. But here’s the big benefit, should you decide to stay for the second year and get your diploma either specializing in Agricultural or Heavy equipment you then have the option of writing apprenticeship exams for full technical accreditation towards your specific trade. Students must have a GPA of 2.3 or higher to be eligible to write their technical exams.

AIT (Alberta's Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board) recognizes hours in the program for a portion of your on-the-job training hours apprenticeship requirements; hours are trade dependent (details). You will also be well placed to attain Alberta Journeyperson Status pending the completion of the remaining on-the-job training hours specified by Alberta Industry Trade Board. Now that’s what we call fully loaded with options! AND, our graduates are in demand by industry professionals.

Olds College also offers the Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship and Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship program for prospective students who are currently employed and wish to pursue journeyman status.

Admission Requirements: 

Out of Province Applicants: Please refer to the Provincial Equivalency Chart for course equivalencies.

International Applicants

Olds College welcomes applications from international applicants and those who have completed their high school education outside of Canada. Please note, it is still necessary to meet all of the noted admission requirements, including English Language Proficiency. Further information can be found on our website under International Students.

Career Opportunities

Olds College has a solid reputation working with employers in the industry! This directly translates into jobs for our graduates. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Diagnostic and repair technician
  • Equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Construction companies
  • Heavy equipment repair facilities
  • Agricultural equipment dealerships
  • Parts, sales and distribution
  • Company service representative
  • Farm worker/equipment repair

Visit ALIS to find Occupational Profiles with current wages, industry trends and more!

ALIS Occupational Profiles

Admitted Students Information

Program Dates

Find out when your term start and end dates are, so that you know when you are expected to be in attendance. For more information, please review the Program Dates & Fee Schedule.

Class Registration

You will be registered into your classes automatically. This will happen approximately 1 month prior to the start-date for your program. You will be notified once you have been timetabled into your courses. You will be able to see your class schedule in your My Olds College account. If you need to make any changes to your class registration, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Technology Recommendation

It is strongly recommended that you come to Olds College with the following technology:

  • A device capable of running Microsoft Office, preferably a laptop

As part of your student accounts, all students have access to Office 365 for the duration of their time with Olds College. To access this you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Olds College email address and password
  • Once logged in there is a button on the right that says "Install Office Apps"

This will give you access to the full Office suite on your computer, for both Windows and Mac based platforms.

Materials & Supplies:

The materials on our tool kit list are to be purchased before starting the program in September. There are several local businesses in Olds that supply the requirements. The list gives suggestions on the size of toolbox; however, it is a good idea to have the smallest one that will fit the required tools, as you will be moving from our two main shops to different labs throughout your studies.  

View the Tool List

You will be required to purchase "tool chips" at a cost of $50. These tool chips allow you to use specialized tools out of the tool room and also include the cost of shop towels and supplies that will be used in the lab classes. At the end of the year, $20 will be refunded if you return all of your tool chips.

Information on other required textbooks and any further supplies will be provided as you attend each class. All books and supplies will be available during the first few weeks of classes in the College Campus Store.

Other Important Information:

  • Safety Regulations: Wearing safety equipment and abiding by industry safety standards is mandatory within our program.

  • Student Clubs: Ag Mech Club

  • Apprenticeship ILMs: Our program is accredited with Alberta's Apprenticeship & Industry Training Board (AIT) for the Heavy Equipment Technician and Agricultural Equipment Technician trades, therefore we use the Apprenticeship ILMs (Individual Learning Modules) as our reference material for the Agricultural and Heavy Equipment program. Students will also be required to purchase additional textbooks, which they will be told more about on their first day of classes. These modules and textbooks are available at the Olds College Campus Store at 1.800.661.6537 or 403.556.4630.

  • AIT Technical Training Exams: Students who meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.3 will be permitted to challenge their technical training exam(s). The exam challenge fee is $150.00 CAD and payable directly to AIT.

Ready to apply?

Visit our Admissions page for more info or go to Apply Alberta to submit an online application!

  • "The Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Diploma Program is a very good opportunity to become fully introduced into both the agricultural and heavy equipment technician trades that exist in the province of Alberta. The quality of instruction provided by the instructors is outstanding and, when paired with the practical training also provided, it is easy to develop an in-depth understanding of the trade and it’s practices very quickly. The college boasts a wide variety of heavy/agricultural machinery in which students regularly diagnose, disassemble and rebuild as instructed in class. I plan on working in the heavy equipment technician trade upon my graduation, and eventually, start my own heavy equipment repair contracting business to service the western Canadian oilfield. My experience in my program so far has been amongst the best in my life, and I feel very confident about the benefits it provides me."
    • Dan Theoret, 1st Year Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Diploma student (2017)