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Scholarships & Awards

Thanks to our industry partners, alumni, and donors, Olds College of Agriculture & Technology offers students approximately 475 awards, valued at $555,000+ in scholarships, bursaries and prizes each year!

Now accepting applications for Spring/Graduation Awards 2023!

Apply by April 30, 2023 to qualify.

Please note: students must be eligible to graduate in 2023 to qualify.

Fall 2023 students will have access to the online application on August 15, 2023.

Olds College Awards External Awards

There are plenty of awards out there that are not administered by Olds College. Ask your friends and parents to watch for awards for you, including their employers and groups they take part in. Research companies in the industries you want to work for in the future to see if they have any scholarships you are eligible for.  

International Student Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines an Alberta resident?

For the purpose of awards administered by Olds College, a resident of Alberta is defined as (unless otherwise stated):

  • A single person who has been out of high school for less than four years, and whose parents live in Alberta; or whose parents have recently left and the student has stayed in Alberta to study; or has spent two periods of 12 consecutive months available to the labour force and Alberta is the last province in which 12 consecutive months have been spent, excluding time spent at a post-secondary institution.

  • A person who has been out of high school for four years or more, or is married/has been married; or is living common-law; or is a single parent

  • Alberta is the last province in which 12 consecutive months have been spent,  excluding time spent at a post-secondary institution.

  • A person studying in Alberta and married to an Alberta resident.
How do I find out if I have received an award?

You will receive an email to your Olds College email account with notification if you are a successful recipient of a student award.

How do I apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards?

Fall applications open September 8 and close on November 15. Students that apply after November 15 will be considered for winter awards only. The deadline for winter awards applications is February 14. To apply for Olds College student Scholarships, Bursaries & Prizes, you will need your Social Insurance Number and Olds College email and password. It's simple to apply using the online application system. Based on the information entered, you will be issued a list of all awards that you are eligible for. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete the application.

Do I need a high GPA to qualify?

No, this is one of the most common myths that students have. Scholarships are generally academically based but bursaries are based on a student’s financial need and awards are given out for a variety of different reasons, for example, where you live, where you graduated from high school, if you hold memberships with certain clubs and organizations, etc.

You won’t receive a scholarship, bursary or award if you don’t apply.

Do I have to apply for Winter Awards if I have already applied for Fall Awards?

No, apply once to qualify for fall and winter awards. Please log in regularly to view any new awards that may have been added after you applied and check on pending tasks or notifications.

Do only Alberta residents qualify for awards?

No.  Awards are available for students from out of province and for international students too!