Admitted Students

International students who are required to complete work experience relevant to their program must also obtain the appropriate work permit. Further clarification on international student employment may be obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Admitted International students are required to submit a $500.00 tuition deposit by the designated date on the admission letter to hold their seat in their program. Acceptance Letters are given upon admission into a program.

Study Permits

Admitted applicants are responsible for all of their study permit, travel and financial arrangements. A valid study permit must be presented on or before Registration Day for applicable programs. For information on Studying in Canada and to apply for a study permit please go to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

International Student Fees

Student fees may vary depending on the Student Exchange Agreements that are in place between Olds College and the various international post-secondary institutions.

All international VISA students and all international visiting students will be assessed Fees for Instruction equal to two and one-half times (2.5) those assessed for Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or Permanent Residents plus all other fees associated with their stay at Olds College. International students are required to pay a $1.75 per day as part of the International Health Insurance fee.

Student Guard:

Please note that these fees are approximate costs only. Your actual fees will be based on your timetable and will vary from student to student.

It is the responsibility of the individual student and their home institution to determine a suitable program of study at the host college and to agree on the amount of credit to be given towards the diploma requirements of the home institution. Travel, tuition, living expenses and health insurance remains the responsibility of the student.

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Government Funding/Student Loans

As a student who is considering studying in Canada, you are expected to have enough money to support yourself during your studies. You must ensure you have enough money to pay for:

  • tuition
  • living expenses
  • transportation to and from Canada

If you are planning to attend Olds College on a study permit, you should be aware that you are not eligible to apply for Canadian government funding. If you require a loan to attend school, you should consider getting a loan through your home country.

Some countries will offer government student loans to students who attend Olds College. If your home country does not fund students through their government loans program, you may wish to speak to your bank or other financial institutions to secure funding.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Students seeking additional scholarship or bursary opportunities are encouraged to apply for Olds College Student Awards, and to apply for external awards. Check your eligibility for external awards at:

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