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Career Advising

Olds College is now working to provide career services for full time students. The services offered are designed to help students prepare for the job search, including resume building tips, interview strategies and more.

Job/Career Search Assistance: Not everyone knows what kind of job or career they want to have. If you need help identifying options, meet with a career advisor for assistance with career decisions, analyzing different options, and additional career resources. Book a one on one career appointment

Networking Tips: Your job search can start with a great handshake. Networking is an important part of job search, but can be intimidating. Learn how networking can help you get a job, both online and in person.

Interview Advice: Prepare for common interview questions, learn about the different types of interviews, what to wear, and how to create your STAR answers.

Cover Letter and Resume Support:  If you need help fine tuning your resume and cover letter, have it reviewed, book an appointment and receive feedback to learn how to make your resume stand out.

Career Fairs

  • November 17, 2021
    11-5 p.m. in the Alumni Centre