International Student Services

Coming to a new school in a new country is an exciting opportunity, but one that comes with some challenges. As part of our campus services, the International Department and volunteers are here to assist you to adjust to your new environment and make your time at Olds College a fulfilling experience.

Services for International Students include:

  • Information and referral service about living in Canada and Olds
  • Information and referral service about understanding the Canadian and Olds College education system
  • Information and referral service if you are having difficulties on campus because you are new to Canada
  • Help if you need someone to assist you in speaking to instructors or staff members at Olds College
  • Cultural exchange, volunteer and recreational opportunities between International and Canadian students

Student Support

Our International department provides support and services for all students looking for information on international education opportunities and opportunities at Olds College for international students, including:

  • advising with respect to programs for all degree-seeking international students and inbound exchange students
  • information about special Programs, Exchanges, Study Abroad, and Field Schools
  • International Orientation
  • assistance with medical insurance, taxes, visas, study and work permits
  • community engagement opportunities

Note: International Service does not include help with immigration, legal or government paperwork. Please visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website for more information

Student Advising

The International Department organizes programs and services intended specifically to assist with international student life - both on and off-campus on:

  • academic and personal counseling
  • admissions and registration
  • guidance with application and renewal of Canadian citizenship and immigration documents
  • health insurance
  • new student orientation
  • travel information

From pre-departure to post graduation, the programs and services offered will ensure students are:

  • integrated into the community
  • involved in campus life
  • immersed in Canadian culture
  • enriched by friendships made!