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Tuition Deposit

To reserve your seat, a tuition deposit is required from students entering a new program. Payment must be received by the specified date on your early or full admission letter. Confirmation that your tuition deposit has been received will be sent to your Olds College email address and instructions are provided to request an official receipt.

See also: How to Pay Your Tuition

How Much do I Owe?

The following programs require a $300 tuition deposit:

  • Agricultural and Heavy Equipment

  • Agricultural Management

  • Agriculture Technology Integration

  • Animal Health Technology

  • Arboriculture Technician

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (all majors - Agribusiness, Horticulture and Golf Course Management)

  • Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management

  • Business Management Certificate

  • Business Management Diploma

  • Equine Reproduction Technician

  • Farrier Science 

  • Horticulture Technologist

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Land & Water Resources

  • Meat Processing

  • Open Studies

  • Post-Diploma Certificate

  • Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy

  • Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician

  • Pre-Employment Motorcycle Mechanic

  • Pre-Employment Welder

  • Turfgrass Management Diploma

  • Veterinary Medical Receptionist (VMR)

  • Veterinary Technical Assistant (VTA)

The following program requires a $2,500 tuition deposit:

  • Heavy Equipment Operator

International students

International students admitted to any program are required to pay a $1500 tuition deposit.

When is my deposit due?


  • Within 30 days: if you are admitted 4 or more months prior to program start date

  • Within 2 weeks: if you are admitted within 4 months of the program start date

  • Within 2 weeks: if you are offered a seat from a waitlisted program

  • Due immediately upon admission: if admitted within 2 weeks of the program start date for any program

  • Due within 2 weeks upon admission to any competitive entry program: regardless of admission date for Animal Health Technology (AHT)

Your admission letter will state your tuition deposit deadline date.

Tuition and Fees Payment Methods

Through Your Banking Institution

Set up Olds College as a payee/bill through your banking institution. Use your nine digit Olds College ID number (available on your early or full admission letter) as the account number. *Please allow 3-5 working days for bank processing.

By Credit Card

Students can pay tuition and fees online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) through their myoldscollege account.

*PayPath is a third party vendor that may charge additional transaction fees*

By Authorized User

Students can authorize other individuals such as parents, guardians or employers, to make tuition or confirmation deposits payments online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard). To set up an authorized user login to your myoldscollege account.

By Mail

Send a cheque or money order to: Student Services, Olds College, 4500 – 50 ST, Olds, AB  T4H 1R6. Please make sure to indicate your nine digit student ID on the cheque.

In Person at the Olds Campus

You can make payments in person in the Bell e-Learning Centre (Room 957). Payments can be made by debit card, cheque, money order or bank draft. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed: Saturday, Sunday and stat holidays (with the exception of occasional extended hours announced for special events).

Using Aeroplan Points

You may pay using your Aeroplan points through


A letter of sponsorship from the sponsoring agency is submitted to or by fax to 403.556.4711

Student Funding

Due to timing of disbursement, a government student loan cannot be used to pay the Application or Tuition Deposit fee. View Student Funding Page

International Students

Olds College has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with a safe and convenient way to pay their Tuition Deposit and Tuition & Fees. Please visit to make your payments.

Tuition Deposit Refund Policy

Domestic applicants:

Fully refundable: if you cancel admission up to 4 months prior to the program start date (i.e. September 5th program start date, tuition deposit is refundable if you cancel on or before May 5th)

Non-refundable: if you cancel within 4 months of the program start date (i.e. September 5th program start date, tuition deposit is non-refundable if you cancel after May 5th)

International applicants: 

Fully refundable: If you cancel admission up to 4 months prior to the program start date, then your deposit is fully refundable.

Partial refund: If you provide proof that your Visa application is denied, then you are eligible for a refund minus an administrative fee** (based on the program specific tuition deposit).

If you cancel your admission one month prior to the start date of the program and have not received your study permit / study visa notification, then you are eligible for a refund minus an administrative fee** (based on the program specific tuition deposit).

** The Administrative Fee is $300 (i.e.: after submitting a $1,500 tuition deposit, a student will receive a $1,200 tuition deposit refund)

Non-refundable: If you cancel admission within 4 months prior to the program start date and have a valid study permit / study visa, then your tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Additional Refund Information:

  • Olds College refund guidelines are based on the program the student is enrolled in.
  • To determine when a refund will be granted, please refer to Programs Dates and Deadlines found on specific program pages.
  • Further information can also be found through our Student Fee Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I pay my fees late?

If payments are not made by the deadline to pay tuition, fees, and residence (if applicable) a $200.00 late payment fee will be levied on any and all fees not paid by this date.

How do I appeal my late fee?

To appeal the late fee, please complete the Late Payment Fee Appeal Form.