Tuition Deposit

To reserve your seat, a tuition deposit is required from students entering a new program. Payment must be received by the specified date on your early or full admission letter.

See also: How to Pay Your Tuition

How Much do I Owe?

The following programs require a $200 tuition deposit:

  • Agricultural and Heavy Equipment
  • Agricultural Management
  • Apparel Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Business Management Certificate
  • Business Management Diploma
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Land & Water Resources
  • Open Studies
  • Turfgrass Management Diploma
  • Veterinary Medical Receptionist (VMR)

The following programs require a $500 tuition deposit:

  • Agriculture Technology Integration
  • Animal Health Technology
  • Arboriculture Technician
  • Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management
  • Equine Reproduction Technician
  • Farrier Science 
  • Horticulture Technologist
  • Meat Processing
  • Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy
  • Veterinary Technical Assistant (VTA)

The following programs require a $500 tuition deposit and $2,000 six (6) weeks prior to the program start date.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Pre-Employment Welder
  • Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Pre-Employment Motorcycle Mechanic

International students: admitted to any program are required to pay a $1000 tuition deposit.

When is my deposit due?

  • Within 30 days: if you are admitted 4 or more months prior to program start date

  • Within 2 weeks: if you are admitted within 4 months of the program start date

  • Within 2 weeks: if you are offered a seat from a waitlisted program

  • Due immediately upon admission: if admitted within 2 weeks of the program start date for any program

  • Due within 2 weeks upon admission to any competitive entry program: regardless of admission date for Animal Health Technology (AHT)

Your admission letter will state your tuition deposit deadline date.

How Can I Pay The Tuition Deposit?

Through Your Banking Institution: 
Set up Olds College as a payee/bill through your banking institution. Use your nine digit Olds College ID number (available on your early or full admission letter) as the account number. *Please allow three working days for bank processing.

By Credit Card:
 Students can pay tuition and fees online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) through their myoldscollege account.

By Authorized User:  
Students can authorize other individuals such as parents, guardians or employers, to make tuition or confirmation deposits payments online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX). To set up an authorized user login to your myoldscollege account. If you are an authorized user for a student, click here to make a payment

By Mail:
 Send a cheque or money order with a completed Tuition Deposit Form to: Student Services, Olds College, 4500 – 50 ST, Olds, AB  T4H 1R6. Please make sure to indicate your nine digit student ID on the cheque.

In Person at the Olds Campus: 
You can make payments in person in the Bell e-Learning Centre (Room 957). Payments can be made by debit card, cheque, money order or bank draft. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed: Saturday, Sunday and stat holidays (with the exception of occasional extended hours announced for special events).

Using Aeroplan Points: 
You may pay using your Aeroplan points through

 A letter of sponsorship from the sponsoring agency is submitted to or by fax to 403.556.4711

Government Student Loan: 
Due to timing of disbursement, a government student loan cannot be used to pay the Application or Tuition Deposit fee

Tuition Deposit Refund Policy

Fully refundable: if you cancel admission up to 4 months prior to the program start date (i.e. September 5th program start date, tuition deposit is refundable if you cancel on or before May 5th)

Non-refundable: if you cancel within 4 months of the program start date (i.e. September 5th program start date, tuition deposit is non-refundable if you cancel after May 5th)

International applicants who provide proof that their Visa application was denied will be eligible for a full refund of their tuition deposit.

  • Olds College refund guidelines are based on the program the student is enrolled in.
  • To determine when a refund will be granted, please refer to Programs Dates and Deadlines found on specific program pages.
  • Further information can also be found through our Student Fee Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I pay my fees late?

If payments are not made by the deadline to pay tuition, fees, and residence (if applicable) a $200.00 late payment fee will be levied on any and all fees not paid by this date.

How do I appeal my late fee?

To appeal the late fee, please complete the Late Payment Fee Appeal Form.