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Post Diploma Certificate for Students in Partner Institutions

Japanese Student Exchange Program

ELAP Emerging Leaders in the Americas

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Dominican Republic Coffee ProjectInternational Research and Training Projects

Olds College has an extended history of involvement in international applied research and development projects.


Student Advising
As a newcomer to Canada, Calgary, Olds and Olds College, there are various aspects of life here that will result unfamiliar to you. Students are strongly advised to attend the Student Orientation before classes begin. You are always welcome to contact the International Department if you have any questions. For enquiries, please contact: 

Mario Rincones
Coordinator, International Engagement

Phone: (403) 556-4681
Fax: (403) 507-7977
Cell: (403) 507-3367
Location: Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre (Olds College Centre for Innovation), Room 350


Transfer program to Olds College Business Management Diploma


  1. Duration of the Program: 2 years
    1. 1st Year at ABM College
    2. 2nd Year at Olds College
  2. Program Title: 1st year (Business Administration) / 2nd year (Business Management Diploma Program)
  3. Location of Delivery:
    1. 1st year at ABM College
    2. 2nd Year at Olds College

 Please contact ABM College for more information:

Farooq Ahmad
International Student Coordinator
ABM College, International Education

Office: +1-403-719-4300



Address: Suite 200 – 3880 29th Street NE


International Fee Schedule
The current fee schedule for International students can be found here: Please note that these fees are approximate costs only. Your actual fees will be based on your timetable and will vary from student to student.

International Student Fees

This cost may vary depending on the Student Exchange Agreements that are in place between Olds College and the various international post-secondary institutions.

All International VISA students and all International Visiting students will be assessed Fees for Instruction equal to two and one-half times (2.5) those assessed for Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or Permanent Residents plus all other fees associated with their stay at Olds College.

International students are required to pay a $1.75 per day as part of the International Health Insurance fee.

Student Guard:

*Important Notice*

Changes to the International Student Program

Olds College Designated Learning Institution number: O18713227822. Admitted international students will need this number when applying for STUDENT VISAS

On June 1, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will implement NEW FEDERAL REGULATIONS REGARDING STUDY PERMITS for international students. Read More....


English as a Second Language

NorQuest College

May to September

Open to students with TOEFL

and IELTS scores as follows:

TOEFL Paper Based: All above 360

TOEFL Internet Based: All above 45

IELTS: All above 6.0

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International Department

Olds College International Department provides support
and services for all students looking for information
regarding a variety of international education opportunities.
Specific services and support also include: advising with
respect to programs for all degree-seeking international
students and inbound exchange students; information
about special Programs, Exchanges, Study Abroad, and
Field Schools; International Orientation; assistance with
medical insurance, taxes, visas, study and work permits;
and community engagement opportunities.
Dr. J. Pablo Ortiz-Hernández
Acting Director, International  Development- Engagement, and International Programs

Phone: (403) 507-7978
Fax: (403) 507-7977
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537
Location: Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre (Olds College Centre for Innovation), Room 350