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While Studying and After Graduation…

There are numerous opportunities for international students to work in Canada. Employment can be found both on and off-campus, as well as after graduation. The International Department will assist students with the following: 

Working On Campus

Students must be studying full-time at OC

Students do not need a Work Permit

All jobs available to students are posted on

Working Off-Campus

New rules that take effect on June 1, 2014, make it easier for study permit holders to work off campus. Full-time students pursuing an academic, professional or vocational training program at a designated learning institution will be:

  • eligible to work off campus without a work permit;
  • allowed to work off campus for up to 20 hours per week during a regular academic session and full time during regularly scheduled breaks; and
  • able to work off campus immediately rather than waiting six months.

To be able to work in Canada, however, you must be registered and enrolled at your designated learning institution, and you must get a Social Insurance Number from Service Canada.

On June 1, 2014, if you hold a study permit and a work permit under the Off-Campus Work Permit Program, you may continue to work off campus under your existing Off-Campus Work Permit.

On June 1, 2014, if you hold a study permit and you have applied for but not yet received your Off-Campus Work Permit, you should wait for your work permit application to be processed and begin working off campus once you have received your Off-Campus Work Permit.

On June 1, 2014, if you hold a study permit but you have not yet applied for an Off-Campus Work Permit, you are authorized to work off campus without a work permit as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for working off campus.

If you apply for a study permit on or after June 1, 2014, the conditions relating to your eligibility to work off-campus will be written on your study permit.

In all scenarios, you must continue to meet the conditions of your study permit in order to remain eligible for off-campus work. If you are studying English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL), or participating in general interest or preparatory courses, you will not be eligible to work during your studies, unless you become eligible to apply for a work permit with a positive Labour Market Opinion from Employment and Social Development Canada.

It is your responsibility and your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to work off campus without a work permit before you begin working. If you begin working off campus without meeting the eligibility requirements, you may be subject to enforcement action under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

Working After Graduation

Students can apply for a Post-Graduate work permit

Students must apply within 90 days of graduation

Students can only apply once

Students can work in Canada for up to 3 years after they graduate

After receiving a work permit, students are required to apply for a Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) if they do not already have one. Please enquire at the International Department office for more information and to obtain an application form.

Information about all permits can be found on