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Executive Team

Dr. Ray Block, President

Dr. Ray Block

Debbie Thompson, Vice President, Academic and Student Experience, Chief Innovation Officer

Debbie Thompson
Vice President, Academic & Student Experience

Patrick Machacek Vice President, Development

Patrick Machacek
Vice President, Development & Strategy

Connie Young, Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer.

Connie Young
Vice President, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer

Policies & Procedures

Olds College recognizes the need for Policies and Procedures, and the need for staff and students to be familiar with and follow such policies and procedures. It is the policy of the Board of Governors that breach of College Policies or Procedures shall result in disciplinary measures up to and including suspension or termination. This applies to all College staff and representatives.

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Academic Council

The Academic Council is duly established by the Post Secondary Learning Act, 2003 (effective March 18, 2004). One must exist for each College with membership being equally allocated between Board, faculty and student representatives. The Post Secondary Learning Act provides general guidelines and constitutions for individual Councils appropriate for local development and review of academic policy and procedures.

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