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Continuing Education

Land & Environment

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Continuing Education: Land and Environment

Soil Classification and Map Interpretation

In the Soil Classification and Map Interpretation workshop, you will observe and measure soil properties, examine soil profiles and relate different soils to the environmental factors responsible for their formation.

You will learn how to classify soils according to the Canadian System of Soil Classification, and have the opportunity to analyze selected landscapes to assess soil variability.

Pesticide Applicator Tutorials

Need to obtain your Pesticide Applicator Certificate? Too much information to study on your own? Industry experts will help you prepare for your Agriculture, Industrial and Landscape exams in-class and with hands-on sessions!

Pesticide Applicator Recertification 

Your Pesticide Applicator Certificate requires you to keep up to date with at least 15 Continuing Education Units within a 5 year period. We offer workshops that are eligible for CEU's