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Field Crop Development Centre


The Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) has been developing enhanced cereal varieties for feed, forage, malt, food and bio-industrial uses since 1973. The FCDC is recognized as a world-class research facility that is focusing on producing new barley and triticale varieties for Alberta and western Canada.

FCDC has an interdisciplinary research team encompassing breeding, biotechnology, pathology, grain quality, and operational expertise. The program focuses on increasing yield, improving disease resistance, and providing superior end use quality in varieties for sustainable production systems.

  • Within the barley breeding program we focus on:

    Feed and Forage

    The objective of the feed program is to develop high yielding barley varieties that will increase barley grain production in Alberta. We also aim to develop forage varieties with enhanced fodder quality (energy content, fiber digestibility) and improved whole plant forage yields for silage, greenfeed, or swath grazing. Additional priorities of the feed and forage barley program include superior agronomic traits such as lodging resistance, early maturity, and enhanced grain and biomass characteristics. Varieties also need to have a good combination of resistance to multiple diseases such as scald, net blotch (spot- and net-form), spot blotch, smuts, stem and stripe rusts, and FHB.


    The malting barley pipeline develops varieties of two-row barley that combine high yields and good agronomic adaptation with malting quality characteristics for both the adjunct and pure malt markets. In addition, good disease resistance and tolerance to abiotic stresses such as low nitrogen, water, cold, and other adverse environmental factors are considered.

  • The triticale breeding pipeline develops new spring triticale varieties with higher grain yield, forage yield, and lodging resistance, adapted to variable growing conditions in western Canada. Specifically, the program focuses on enhanced forage digestibility in reduced awn and awnless types for swath-grazing and green forage uses. Improved drought tolerance, early maturity, reduced pre-harvest sprouting, and FHB and ergot resistance are also program goals.

Varieties Available for Licensing

The period to apply for exclusive production and marketing rights for 2024 varieties has now closed. To receive notification when new varieties become available, and for other FCDC news, please join our mailing list.

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Varieties Currently In-Market

  • Chigwell Jaeger Falcon
    Ponoka Mahigan Condor
    Manny Tercel Noble
    Niobe Kasota Samson
    Tyto Phoenix Abee
    Niska Seebe
    Peregrine Tukwa
  • Wapiti Bobcat
    Pronghorn Pika

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FCDC’s Indoor Growth Facility

The FCDC indoor growth facility gives the plant breeders an opportunity to advance research trials by two generations over the fall and winter months.

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Currently, there are five varieties that the Olds College Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) is in the process of signing licensing agreements with industry partners.

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The Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) at Olds College was in full swing for the 2021 planting and growing season.

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Team Members
Kofi Agblor headshot

Kofi Agblor

Program Director

Dana Bajema  headshot

Dana Bajema

Operations Coordinator

Erin Collier headshot

Erin Collier

Business Development Officer

Yadeta Kabeta headshot

Yadeta Kabeta

Barley Breeder

Mazen Aljarrah headshot

Mazen Aljarrah

Triticale breeder

Lori Oatway headshot

Lori Oatway

Research Scientist - Quality

Michael Oro headshot

Michael Oro

Operations Lead

Sajid Rehman headshot

Sajid Rehman

Research Scientist - Pathology

Jennifer Zantinge headshot

Jennifer Zantinge

Research Scientist - Biotechnology

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