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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is committed to being an inclusive, respectful and healthy place to work and learn.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, made up of staff & faculty members, coordinates learning opportunities & events in support of EDI, and identifies key initiatives to support and provide action plans for. 

The EDI Committee is guided by their purpose to, "Advocate for all genders, races and marginalized students and staff, creating a safe and welcoming environment on campus."


Gender-inclusive Washrooms On Campus

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee is pleased to announce that we now have 27 gender-inclusive washrooms available on campus. Gender-inclusive washrooms are toilet facilities that can be used by someone of any gender and feature inclusive signage that is not gender specific.
  • inclusivewashrooms.jpegFor trans and gender nonconforming people, using gender specific washrooms can be a source of stress and anxiety. They may experience stares, questions, comments or harassment for trying to access washroom facilities. According to Public Service Alliance of Canada, “up to 70% of trans people have experienced some sort of negative reaction when using a public bathroom and 57% of trans Ontarians have avoided using public washrooms when they have needed to go for fear of harassment.” 

    Gender-inclusive washrooms also benefit families with small children and caregivers of elderly people or people with disabilities whose genders are not the same as their own, by offering a washroom they can use to offer assistance, when required. 

    Along with the 27 gender-inclusive washrooms, Olds College will be including only gender-inclusive washrooms in the new buildings on campus, including the new Ag Tech Learning Hub set to open in Sept. 2022 and the new Animal Health Education Centre set to open in Sept. 2023. 

    Below is a list of the gender-inclusive washroom locations on campus: 

    • Frank Grisdale Hall Offices - two accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms 
    • Caretaking Office - one gender-inclusive washroom
    • Land Sciences Building - one accessible, gender-inclusive washroom 
    • Trades Building - two accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms 
    • Campus Facilities Building - 3 gender-inclusive washrooms and 1 accessible, gender-inclusive washroom 
    • Metals Building - five gender-inclusive washrooms and one accessible, gender-inclusive washroom 
    • Duncan Marshall Place  - two accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms
    • Learning Resource Centre (the Learning Commons) - one accessible, three gender-inclusive 
    • Grounds Shop - one accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms 
    • Centennial Village - four accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms 
    • Industry Training Centre - one gender-inclusive washroom 
    • Smart Ag Innovation Centre - one accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms 

    For Olds College staff and students interested in learning more about Trans Inclusivity, the EDI committee recommends the following resources: 


Find Community

Oki, Tannishi, Tawâw 

Olds College is situated on traditional Treaty Seven Territory and Region Three of the Alberta Metis Nation. We recognize that Indigenous Peoples are the first peoples of our country and we honour and respect those roots. At Olds College, our goal is to foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among all learners. Indigenous students, along with members of faculty and staff at the College have expressed a desire to have spaces on campus that reflect the rich history and culture of Indigenous people.

Indigenous Olds College

The Black Canadas Scholars is a mentoring, advocacy, and empowerment group for Black students. It is one part learning, one part support, and one part leadership. The group engages explorations in Canada’s Black history, offers a space for questions and support, and encourages members to take their knowledge and experience out into the wider world to provide a voice for marginalized groups/people where necessary. 


Academic institutions are not always welcoming spaces for Black students because society has stereotyped Blackness as lacking intellectual or academic ability. The purpose of the group is to provide Black students with the strong sense that they, too, belong here. 

This group meets monthly on the first Tuesday or Thursday. 

To join, contact Bertrand Bickersteth, Communications Instructor.

As 'OC Pride', we will work as a Gender and Sexuality Alliance, striving to provide support, connection, social events, and education to all of our LGBTQ+ community members and allies.

The Olds College GSA is an informal club bringing together students, faculty, and staff who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ or as allies. The GSA’s goal is to provide its members with opportunities for community, socializing, education, and support.

OC Pride meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

Any student or staff member that is interested in joining OC Pride can contact either Keith Friedlander or

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