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New Varieties from FCDC at Olds College

Currently, there are five varieties that the Olds College Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) is in the process of signing licensing agreements with industry partners. Watch for these exciting new varieties coming into the market soon.

AB Snowcat is a reduced awn winter triticale suitable for forage and feed. This variety has high winter survival and early maturity compared to other varieties combined with good lodging resistance and strong grain and forage yields make it desirable for beef producers. CANTERRA SEEDS has been granted distribution rights for this variety.

WT0006 (name to be determined) is another reduced awn winter triticale suitable for forage and feed production. This variety has demonstrated higher forage digestibility than all other triticale checks. WT0006 has exceeded all of the winter triticale checks in yield, winter survival and maturity. Commercialization and distribution rights for WT0006 have been granted to Corns Brothers Farm in Taber, AB.

SR18524 (name to be determined) is a six-row general purpose barley with a smooth awn. SR18524 is the first barley to be registered in Canada that was specifically screened for Nitrogen Use Efficiency. This unique characteristic can help stabilize and protect yield in lower nitrogen conditions. Combined with high grain and forage yields, as well as excellent lodging resistance due to its semi-dwarf nature, make this a very desirable combination of traits. Commercialization and distribution rights to SR18524 have been granted to Mastin Seeds in Sundre, AB.

TR14617 (name to be determined) is a two-row malting barley variety with a very unique trait. FCDC is excited to be able to develop and register the first non glycosidic nitrile (Non-GN) malt barley in Canada. Glycosidic nitrile (GN) can produce a carcinogenic compound during fermentation, which can further increase during distillation to undesirable levels. The Non GN trait is of particular interest to the craft brewing/distilling industry. This variety has yield levels similar to other malting varieties and a desirable agronomic package. Commercialization and distribution rights for TR14617 have been granted to SeedNet Inc. based in southern Alberta.

FB20601 (name to be determined) is a two-row general purpose hulled barley with good potential for feed and forage production. It has shown wide adaptation with consistently high yield performance across all the soil zones. FB20601 comes with improved straw strength and has a good disease resistance package, meeting or exceeding the guideline for all the seven priority 1 diseases. FB20601 is resistant to lodging exceeding all of the checks. Commercialization and distribution rights to FB20601 have been granted to CANTERRA SEEDS.

FCDC has two additional varieties that are approved for registration in 2022 and available for distribution. T290 is an awned spring triticale suitable for feed and forage uses, and TR19655 is a two-row hulled barley with good potential for malt use. To learn more about these two varieties and to fill out the application form to commercialize them, please visit our webpage.

FCDC Staff News

In February, the vacant position of Pathology Research Scientist was filled by Dr. Sajid Rehman. Dr. Rehman began his career at the prestigious Wageningen University in the Netherlands after completing his MSc. and PhD. He then moved to ICARDA-Morocco supporting the barley and wheat breeding programs. More recently, he has been in Canada in Nova Scotia working for Perennia supporting the agriculture industry on a wide scope of crops. FCDC has been very fortunate to have him join the team.

It also comes with mixed emotions that FCDC announces that our Director, Mark MacNaughton, has retired after a dedicated 12 years with the Lacombe Field Crop Development Centre. FCDC wishes Mark all the best in his retirement and thanks him for all his hard work over the years and his devotion in guiding our transition to Olds College!