Due to COVID-19, Weekly Greenhouse Sales are canceled until further notice. 

The Olds College greenhouses are used by students in certificate, diploma, degree and apprenticeship programs in the areas of Turfgrass Management, Horticulture, Agriculture and Land and Water. They are also used by our staff to produce annuals and perennials for the campus gardens and summer containers.

Because of the variety of student projects, learning objectives and the range of topics covered in their courses, the materials found growing in the greenhouses are very diverse. Student-grown plants available for sale support greenhouse operations.

Olds College Greenhouse

Greenhouse Sales

Greenhouse sales are held on Fridays, from noon to 1 pm in the Greenhouse Rotunda, unless otherwise noted. Product offerings and quantities vary from week to week. The best way to stay up to date on the most current sale details is by signing up for our weekly electronic newsletter. The greenhouse takes cash, cheque, debit and credit - but our preference is for non-cash transactions.

Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise we are not profit driven.  All revenue from Greenhouse sales goes toward supporting our greenhouses and the academic programs that use them.

Custom Orders

The Greenhouse is able to consider custom orders of products such as centerpieces, vase arrangements and planters.  Availability depends on the time of year, availability of product, and staffing levels.


Products grown by our staff and students for sale at our weekly greenhouses include:

Cut Flowers and Bouquets

Cut Flowers and Bouquets

Cut Flowers: Our cut flower production comes primarily from our greenhouses.  Between the students and the Greenhouse staff we product cut lilies, alstromeria, freesias and a variety of other selections.  Wholesale purchase can be arranged by contacting the Greenhouse.

Bouquets: Gorgeous bouquets are standard fare at the Greenhouse sales. Depending on the season they may include flowers grown on campus - in the greenhouses, or out in the fields. Guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face! Priced from $10 to $20.

Succulants and Tropical Plants

Succulent and Tropical Plants

Succulent plants have moved beyond trendy to become a staple in containers - both indoors and outdoors! The Greenhouse sells plants singly and ready for you to plant, or we can provide a container for you. Also available are ready-made multi-plant containers in a variety of sizes and ready to be placed on a sunny desk or window sill, or out on the deck depending on the season.

Tropical plants make great indoor plants. The Greenhouse typically has a variety of plants that can be sold singly, or have been made up into attractive planters.


Vegetables and Herbs

Vegetables and herbs are grown outdoors during the growing season and depending on the year, early spring greens and vegetables such as radish, spinach and chard may be available as early as April! Later in the season we'll be bringing in tomatoes, root vegetables, kale, corn and much more. During the winter the students and Greenhouse staff produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and greens. There may also be root vegetables being kept in storage for sale during the off-season. 

Forced Bulbs

Forced Bulb Plants

Forcing bulbs is one of the standard techniques covered in the Horticulture program - and the results are available from the Greenhouse!  Starting early in the new year and through to the early spring, these pans are bursting with the colour of daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths - the perfect way to combat the stark landscape of winter. 

Annuals / Perennials

Annuals and Perennials

Annuals: The Greenhouse staff and students are busy in the early spring growing annuals. These can be purchased as early as April, with an additional push in June after the Botanic Gardens have finished their planting. Look for flats of bedding plants, small pots of basket stuffers and trailers, as well as dramatic feature plants for containers. If you are in the market for ready-made containers, we'll have hanging baskets and a selection of small and medium sized planters.

Perennials: The perennials that are for sale will depend on the production from students, as well as what the Botanical Garden has been able to make available. These will vary in pot size from 4" up to 1 gallon and are priced accordingly.


Holiday Items

The Greenhouse offers special products geared to the holidays from potted plants, to bouquets, centerpieces, vase arrangements and more. Look for special items for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Quantities are limited so shop early, and be sure to sign up for our weekly e-mail flyer to be alerted to the most current sale items!

On Valentine's Day we will stock potted plants in Valentine's colours such as mini-roses and cyclamen. Bouquets are always popular, as are vase arrangements in a variety of sizes. Something for everyone!

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