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Environmental Management of Cannabis Production

Students will address contemporary issues that arise from the culture of Cannabis.  They gain insight into issues of sustainability practices around maintenance of ‘good neighbour’ behaviours through nuisance odour, noise and light mitigation. Students will also examine how to effectively and efficiently dispose of waste byproducts generated throughout the production process.

Cost to complete the full badge: $399

Date: January 3 - March 24, 2023

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This badge includes the following microcredentials:

Environmentally Sustainable Facilities

In this microcredential, students will review and assess the opportunities for utilization of progressive technologies and tools for reducing the environmental impacts that are associated with Cannabis production and processing. 

Odour Control Methods and Requirements

Focusing on Odour Control Methods and Requirements, students will describe issues that are linked to pollution, nuisance emissions and their mitigation in the production of Cannabis and Cannabis products. 

Disposal and Destruction of Cannabis Waste

In this microcredential, students will define and elaborate on the necessary attributes of an effective Cannabis waste processing stream that reduces impacts on the environment while effectively dealing with concerns around effective destruction of noxious compounds.