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Getting Started

How to Login on College Computers - Students
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock the computer
  2. Type your username - this will be your student ID number in this format: 000012345
  3. Type your password. This was originally set to your birthday (PWMMDDYY)
  4. Click the arrow button to log in to the Olds College "WIN" domain
How to Login on College Computers - Staff
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock the computer
  2. Type your username - this will be your firstInitialLastName, John Doe: jdoe
  3. Type your password. This will be provided by IT Services.
  4. Click the arrow button to log in to the Olds College "WIN" domain
Setting Up Your Voicemail

Log On

In order to access your voicemail, you will need to log into your mailbox.  Your supervisor should give you your initial voicemail password, if you do not know this please send an email to

    A. Lift Receiver

    B. Dial the Call Pilot extension (4699) or press your "Message" key

    C. When prompted 
        - Enter your mailbox number (extension) followed by # 
        - Enter password followed by #

Please note: The first time you log into your voicemail, you will be prompted to change your password – just follow the prompts

Record or Change Voicemail Greeting

There are 3 types of personal greetings: internal, external, and temporary. Your external greeting is used for caller’s outside of Olds College telephone system. Your internal greeting is for caller's within the Olds College telephone system.

The temporary greeting is used when you are away from the office for any extended period of time in place of your other greetings. You can enter an expiry date and time for the greeting to expire. When the greeting expires, your regular greeting will be played.

To change your voicemail message you need to Log On to your Voicemail and follow the instructions listed below for the greeting you wish to change:

To record External Greeting 

  • press 82 + 1 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off

To record Internal Greeting 

  • press 82 + 2 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off

To record Temporary Greeting 

  • press 82 + 3 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to record greeting
  • press # when finished
  • press 2 to replay greeting 
  • to set dates the expiry date for your Temporary greeting, press 9 and follow the voice prompts. 
  • press 76 to delete greeting 
  • press 5 - wait for tone to re-record 
  • press 83 to log off
Playing Voicemail Messages

To listen to any voicemail messages that have been left for you press the following: 

  • 2 to play message 
  • During playback
    • # pause during playback 
    • 2 to continue 
    •  1 to skip backward 5 seconds 
    •  3 to go forward 5 seconds 
    •  4 to skip backward one whole message 
    •  6 to skip forward a whole message 
  •   76 to delete message/restore 
  •   72 to play envelope (more information) 
  •   86 go to specific message


There are a number of printers on campus and you can print to any of them, depending on the location of the printer and the access restrictions on your College ID card. If you experience any problems when using the printers, browse the FAQ: Printing or contact the Learning Commons.


Printers Main Page

Printing from iPad/Mac (Google Cloud Printer)

Olds College Install Google Cloud Printer into your Google Account

  • On your iPad/Mac, enter the following URL address into the Google Chrome App web browser:

When presented with the following web page:

  • Click "Add Printer"

That is it! Now from any Google Application you can select Print to Google Cloud Print. See additional help below for using with Google Chrome, or from Google iPad Apps.

Print from Google Chrome


To Print from Google Chrome, open the Chrome Print Dialog, select "Print to Google Cloud Print" from the destination dropdown, and click "Print". See the Google help page for further information.

Print from Mobile Web Docs/Gmail


To print from Gmail and Docs in your mobile web browser, open the drop down from any document or email and tap Share & Export, then tap "Print" to open the Google Cloud Print Dialog.

Upload and Print a Document

From, click the red Print button and select "Upload File to Print".

Open the file in Google Docs and send to printer.



Retrieving your Printout

After you have printed your document, head to the Library Main Floor printers and swipe your printer card to release the print out.

Check your Print Job Status

There are two locations that you can see the status of your print job.

The first checkpoint is the Google Cloud Print:

Olds College uses PaperCut to track and charge for printing. You can control your print jobs from here as well:

Retrieve Print Job

Using your Student ID card, swipe at the Library Floor printer to release the print job.


Printing from Personal Computer (Non Olds College)
Papercut Login.jpg
  • Within the left-side menu, choose: Web Print

Papercut WEB Print.jpg

  • Choose Submit a Job.

  • Choose the printer you wish to print to and press: Print Options and Account Select >>


  • Choose number of copies and press: 3. Upload Documents >>.

  • Upload the document by pressing: Upload from computer or Drag files. Press Upload & Complete >>.

iPads / Phone / Apple TV

This section will help you find assistance if you ever encounter issues with your iPad. Most times the Olds College Learning Commons team is able to provide assistance, in the event we are unable to provide a solution, please review the information on this page.

New to the iPad?

Start here:

Apple Support:

For hardware support regarding your iPad, we suggest contacting Apple Support at: for a listing of the available support options. *Please be advised if your device has damaged caused by accident, abuse, misuse or other types of accidental causes, there may be a fee to repair/replace your device.

Review this page for warranty coverage information:

Check your Apple device service and support coverage:

How to Add Email to iOS/Android

For iOS device:

  • Go to settings (gears) and scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Add account. Select Exchange.
  • Enter your Email address and password. i.e.
  • Enter description. i.e. from 'Exchange' to 'Olds College Email' (or copy your email address)
  • Click Next. It will be verifying.
  • It will show more:
  • Enter Server:
  • Enter Username: (has to be full email address)
  • Click next. Done!



For Android users:

  • Go to Apps and select the Email app
  • Press menu (3 horizontal bars), select Manage Accounts then the + sign icon at the top of the screen. 
  • Enter full email address: and password
  • Select Manual Set Up (Next)
  • Select Microsoft Exchange when prompted for “What type of account is this?” 
  • For Domain/Username, enter full email address again: (On some devices, the Domain/Username may be pre-populated incorrectly and should be erased.)
  • For Exchange Server name. Enter:
  • Make sure box Use secure connection (SSL) is checked
  • Select Next
  • Select desired account options for inbox checking frequency, number of days to synchronize, send email by default, notifications and contacts/calendar sync. Select Next
  • Depending on device you may be prompted for account colour and account name
  • Select Activate and your email is set-up and ready to go! 



There are benefits for setting your email up through Exchange:

  • you get push notifications - email is sent to you as it happens, not when it checks for emails periodically, and
  • allows us to wipe the phone should it get lost or stolen. This is important to us, so that we can protect our Olds College email accounts (yours) from abuse.


Sync Multiple Calendars on iPad/iPhone

Google Sync can sync up to 25 Google Calendars with the Calendar app on your iOS device (your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch).

To select which calendars to sync to your iOS device, follow these steps:

Open the Chrome or Safari browser on your device and go to:

Select calendars to sync to your iPhone/iPad/iCal

*Select 'iPad' or what shows up that you wish to sync.


If there is nothing to click on then follow either step 1 or 2 below and then carry on. 


Add your account using Exchange(see Setup Profile tab) (not Google). Set up using these instructions to transfer over to Exchange. 

Note: The Exchange connector is a push technology and message will appear as soon as they appear on the server. The Google connector on iOS is a fetch technology that has the shortest time between fetches of 15 minutes.



Use this website to access the menu:  


Sign in with your account and select your device from the list of devices you've set up for Google Sync.

Select the calendars you want to sync, and tap Save.


Experiencing setup or sync issues? See the Known Issues page.

Apple TV

Apple TV Help

Apple TVs were introduced to instructors to provide another tool for teaching and sharing information. This article assists users who using the Apple TV at Olds College including setting up and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

New to the Apple TV? Start Here.

First-Time Setup: The Apple TV comes with:

  • 1 - AC power cord
  • 1 - Apple remote
  • 1 - Apple TV

The Apple TV looks like this: Apple TV at a glance.

Each room has either an HDMI or a blue VGA cable and sometimes both (if you are going to use the VGA, you will need a the HDMI-to-VGA converter provided - please see the photo below).



Step 1: Connect the cables.

Apple TV Back

**The Apple TV will automatically power on when the power is connected.**

Step 2: Connect the wired internet to the Apple TV (most times a blue cord).

Note: While the Apple TV can see the OldsCollegeSecure WiFi network, there are compatibility and authentication factors preventing the Apple TV from successfully connecting to the Olds CollegeSecure WiFi network.



Follow the setup wizard by selecting the language, choose whichever option for collecting diagnostic information from Apple.

The Apple TV is now ready to use.

Connect an iPad to the Apple TV:

Please ensure the Apple TV is connected using the wired internet cable. On the iPad, please connect to OldsCollegeSecure WiFi network. If your iPad hasn't been connected to the OldsCollegeSecure WiFi, it will ask for your Olds College username and password used for your computer account.

Misplaced the remote? Pair an Apple remote here.

Additional questions? Apple Support Website or please feel free to contact Olds College IT Department at: 403-507-7777 (off-campus), Ext: 7777 (on-campus), Email: during service hours.

Call Forwarding

Forwarding Your Phone

To forward your phone you need to do the following while the phone is not in use.

  1. Press FWD button (First button on left under the phone display)
  2. Enter the phone number (for an external phone, you will need to put a 9 in front of the phone number)
  3. Press FWD again.

If successful you will see "CFWD" on your phone display.

Cancelling Call Forwarding

Press the FWD button

If successful you will see the message "Call forward cancelled".