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In Loving Memory of Erma Wilson: A Lifetime of Dedication to Olds College


The legacy of Erma Wilson is etched into the very composition of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology — a testament to a life defined by unwavering support and a profound commitment to nurturing both education and community.

Erma and her husband, Roy, were both Olds College alumni from the class of 1951. From here, they embarked on a journey together that spanned decades. After meeting at the College during their studies, they married in 1956. Roy furthered his education at the University of Alberta, Western College of Auctioneering and Harvard Business School. Erma employed her Home Economics education from Olds College to create a nurturing home for their family. Her selflessness enabled Roy to venture into various endeavors, spending more than 30 years in real estate and property management and building strong community spirit every step of the way. Later, when they were in a position to give back financially to the community around them, Erma was always very involved in the philanthropic decision process, much of which benefitted Olds College over the years.

Their journey wasn’t just about personal success; it was a collaborative effort to inspire others. Over the years, their generous contributions, totaling almost $600,000, have left an impact on Olds College. From fostering the growth of the Brewery program and Botanic Gardens to supporting individual students through the Erma and Roy Wilson Family Endowment Fund, their legacy has woven itself into the very fabric of educational and community development at Olds College.

In recognition of their unwavering commitment, the Wilson’s were both honored with the Olds College Honorary Bachelor of Applied Science in 2013, a token of appreciation for their profound dedication to the College community.

Erma's passing on July 19, 2023, at the age of 91, marked the end of an era — an era characterized by dedication, generosity and an unrelenting desire to make a difference. The Olds College community will always remember Erma’s presence and support. Through their hard work, generosity and entrepreneurial spirit, the Wilson’s have become respected in industry, and leaders in their community.