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Program Fit

The following information is based on Holland’s Theory of Career Choice. Select the categories that describe you best and match the colour of those categories to the corresponding Olds College programs. (select all that apply)

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Holland’s Theory of Career Choice


You enjoy spending time outdoors, using tools to fix things, or working with animals, machines or equipment. Your favourite high school subjects may have been physical education, industrial arts, home economics or computers. You tend to use common sense to solve problems and appreciate work environments that are organized and structured. Your friends may describe you as practical, dependable, adventurous, or athletic.


You enjoy tasks that are mentally challenging, like to learn new things, and work well on your own. Your preferred work environments are indoors, task oriented and unstructured. You have a curious mind and love to research and analyze information, especially when it can be used to solve a problem. In high school, your favourite subjects might have been math, biology, chemistry or physics. Independent, thoughtful and original are some of the words your friends might use to describe you.


You love to be free-spirited and prefer activities that engage your creative side. Unstructured and flexible work environments are valued, and you enjoy observing and participating in a variety of artistic pursuits. You value your independence and see the beauty in everything around you. Some of your favourite subjects from high school may have been art, music, drama and English (creative writing). Your friends know you as a sensitive person who has an open mind and great imagination.


You are interested in taking on leadership roles and can be tremely persuasive. Ambitious and assertive, you likely excel in activities that appeal to your competitive nature. Math, business, law or social studies may have been your favourite subjects in high school. Your friends (and you probably have a lot of them) might describe you as energetic, adventurous, confident and talkative. You value success and strive to be the best at everything you do. You are also up for taking risks, especially if the rewards are big!


You are all about order and efficiency. Practical and precise, you prefer working indoors in structured and predictable environments. Your favourite subjects from high school might have been math, computers or English (grammar, spelling). Your friends may describe you as thrifty, respectful and patient. You excel at being organized and you value being dependable and accurate.


  • Agricultural Equipment Technician (APPRENTICESHIP)
  • Agricultural Management - AgriCommerce Major (DIPLOMA)
  • Agricultural Management - Production Major (DIPLOMA)
  • Agriculture Technology Integration (POST-DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE)
  • Animal Health Technology (DIPLOMA)
  • Arboriculture Technician (CERTIFICATE)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Agribusiness (APPLIED DEGREE)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Golf Course Management (APPLIED DEGREE)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science - Horticulture (APPLIED DEGREE)
  • Business Management (CERTIFICATE)
  • Business Management - General Management (DIPLOMA)
  • Business Management - Sports Management (DIPLOMA)
  • Equine Reproduction Technician (CERTIFICATE)
  • Farrier Science (CERTIFICATE)
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (CERTIFICATE)
  • Heavy Equipment Technician (APPRENTICESHIP)
  • Horticulture Technologist (DIPLOMA)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management (DIPLOMA)
  • Land & Water Resources - Environmental Stewardship & Rural Planning Major (DIPLOMA)
  • Land & Water Resources - Land Reclamation & Remediation Major (DIPLOMA)
  • Landscape Horticulturist (APPRENTICESHIP)
  • Meat Processing (CERTIFICATE)
  • Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy (DIPLOMA)
  • Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician (PRE-EMPLOYMENT)
  • Pre-Employment Motorcycle Mechanic (PRE-EMPLOYMENT)
  • Pre-Employment Welder (PRE-EMPLOYMENT)
  • Turfgrass Management (DIPLOMA)
  • Veterinary Medical Receptionist (CERTIFICATE)
  • Veterinary Technical Assistant (CERTIFICATE)