Olds College Graduation

Graduation Requirements

It is the responsibility of each student to submit an application for graduation in order to be assessed for program completion, and subsequently receive a parchment. All program requirements must be completed by the last date of the application window.

If you completed all program requirements between September 1 and December 31:

  • Submit a completed Application to Graduate Form by December 31
  • Your parchment will be mailed to you in February

If you completed all program requirements between January 1 and April 30:

  • Submit a completed Application to Graduate Form by April 30
  • Your parchment will be mailed to you in June

If you completed all program requirements between May 1 and August 31:

  • Submit a completed Application to Graduate Form by August 31
  • Your parchment will be mailed to you in October

Application to Graduate Form

Convocation Ceremony

Convocation is a special time for all of us. It is a time of celebration of accomplishments and achievements. It is a time to recognize all of the hard work, dedication and commitment that Olds College students have put into achieving their goals.

Students who wish to attend the Olds College Convocation Ceremony must RSVP by May 1.  

To be eligible to attend convocation, students must meet the following requirements by May 1:

  • Be in good standing (refer to Policy D31 Academic Integrity), and
  • Have 9 or fewer credits outstanding in provincially approved programs, or
  • Are expected to complete a provincially approved program by August 31, or
  • Completed program requirements for provincially approved or college approved programs of 12 or more credits in the last 12 months, or
  • Successfully completed the final period of technical training in an apprenticeship

Please note that official parchments will not be presented at the Convocation Ceremony. Instead, students who have applied to graduate and have met graduation requirements will have their parchments delivered via mail.

To have your name listed in the Convocation program, available at the ceremony, you must have Applied to Graduate and/or have completed the Convocation Ceremony RSVP Form prior to May 1, and meet all eligibility requirements in accordance with Olds College policiesNote that August 2019 and February 2020 graduates are eligible to attend Convocation.

Every student participating in the Convocation Ceremony will receive a traditional graduation cap to wear during the ceremony and keep as a souvenir of your accomplishment (keep this in mind when considering hairstyles).

Convocation RSVP Form  Convocation Ceremony Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Olds College Merchandise

The Olds College Campus Store (lower level, LRC - Learning Resource Centre) is open from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm if you would like to purchase something to remember your Olds College experience or if you would like to get a special gift for your Olds College graduate!

Where can I order frames for my parchment?

Give your Olds College Degree, Diploma or Certificate the status it deserves by displaying it in a distinctive, high-quality Canadian-made frame specially designed for Olds College graduates. You can order a frame for your parchment from the Olds College Campus Store.

Order Parchment Frame

Where can I purchase graduation portraits?

Mountain West Studio will be available for graduation portrait photography before and after the ceremony and will be located on the second floor above the gown pick up area. A sitting fee of $25.00 will be paid to the photographer at time of sitting. Payment can be made in cash or cheque. For more information visit us at

Where can I get convocation flowers?

Flowers will be available for purchase on day of graduation. If you would like to pre-order your flowers for pick-up, visit the Convocation Flowers website.