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TELUS 5G Network Comes to Olds College Smart Farm and Community

June 09, 2021

TELUS 5G Network Comes to Olds College Smart Farm and Community

June 9, 2021, Olds, AB – TELUS has expanded its next-generation 5G network to Olds as part of a three year, $14.5 billion investment in Alberta to further support the province through the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recovery. Local residents, businesses, and the Olds College Smart Farm now have access to TELUS’ blazing fast 5G network.  


“The significant investments we are making in our world-leading network to rapidly expand our 5G footprint is enabling us to connect the citizens of Olds to the people, resources and critical information they need as we continue to navigate the global pandemic,” said Darren Entwistle, President and CEO, TELUS. “Now more than ever, TELUS is committed to keeping Canadians connected, productive and healthy. Indeed, the ongoing expansion of our next-generation 5G technology is bridging time and distance, allowing residents to live and work in any community without compromising productivity or economic opportunity. Importantly, as we look optimistically toward a period of economic and social recovery, our globally leading network will continue to drive the innovation that empowers the diversity and competitiveness of our country’s private sector and improves economic equality in our digital world, helping us answer the most pressing social challenges in health, education and the environment for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Improved connectivity on the field will allow for easily accessible cloud computing and responsiveness to data that is gathered and used in precision agriculture, and help unlock the potential of agtech innovations to enhance productivity and sustainability. 

“Canadian farmers are leaders in the adoption of sustainable farming practices that are centered on using technology in the field to make data based decisions,” said Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Having access to enhanced connectivity will allow our technicians on the smart farm to send larger amounts of data more quickly.”  

5G will also improve connectivity for farm security - supported by TELUS Smart Automation and Security Solutions and automation, and IoT solutions, like the TELUS Agriculture Weather Station - that are currently deployed on the Olds College Smart Farm.

“Having access to TELUS’ 5G network will allow our team on the Olds College Smart Farm to send and receive large amounts of data from multiple sources faster,” said Dr. Alex Melnitchouck, Chief Technology Officer - Digital Ag, Olds College. “A great example of this is when we are collecting data from weather stations, analyzing the data, estimating a risk of crop diseases, and then sending out crop protection prescription maps to our field equipment. We are not too far away from the time when our field machines and sensors will be able to work online in real time, similar to the way multiple editors can work in Google docs together at the same time.” 

“We’re excited for the promise of 5G to enable farmers to do what they do more efficiently,” said Chris Terris, Vice President of Global Strategy, TELUS Agriculture. ”With enhanced connectivity, farmers can better access information to make more accurate and timely decisions and unlock new technologies like soil sensors, drones and autonomous equipment to drive better yields, profitability and sustainability.” 

In 2020, Olds College and TELUS Agriculture created a million dollar partnership in support of the Olds College Smart Farm and the development, acceleration, and integration of technology into the global agri-food value chain. On the Olds College Smart Farm, TELUS Agriculture has been testing innovations like security solutions, weather stations, field sensors, satellite imagery and rural connectivity solutions, and now TELUS’ 5G network.


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About Olds College: Olds College is known for high-tech, hands-on agriculture education and innovative applied research that lays the foundation for solving real-world problems in farming, food and land. The College offers programming in Agriculture, Horticulture, Land and Environment Management, Animal Science, Food Production, Business, Trades and Apprenticeships. Olds College Centre of Innovation and Smart Farm are accelerating the development and adoption of technologies and practices that result in improved productivity, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture and agri-food industry through industry-driven applied research. Olds College has been recognized as one of Canada’s top 50 research colleges by Research Infosource. As Canada’s smart agriculture college, Olds College is working to achieve its social purpose of transforming agriculture for a better world.

About TELUS: TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company with $16 billion in annual revenue and 16 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security. We leverage our global-leading technology and compassion to enable remarkable human outcomes. Our longstanding commitment to putting our customers first fuels every aspect of our business, making us a distinct leader in customer service excellence and loyalty. In 2020, TELUS was recognized as having the fastest wireless network in the world, reinforcing our commitment to provide Canadians with access to superior technology that connects us to the people, resources and information that make our lives better. TELUS Health is Canada’s leader in digital health technology, improving access to health and wellness services and revolutionizing the flow of health information across the continuum of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions throughout the agriculture value chain, supporting better food outcomes from improved agri-business data insights and processes. TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is a leading digital customer experience innovator that delivers next-generation AI and content management solutions for global brands across the technology and games, ecommerce and FinTech, communications and media, healthcare, travel and hospitality sectors. TELUS and TELUS International operate in 25+ countries around the world. Together, let’s make the future friendly.

Driven by our passionate social purpose to connect all citizens for good, our deeply meaningful and enduring philosophy to give where we live has inspired TELUS, our team members and retirees to contribute more than $820 million and 1.6 million days of service since 2000. This unprecedented generosity and unparalleled volunteerism have made TELUS the most giving company in the world.

For more information about TELUS, please visit, follow us @TELUSNews on Twitter and @Darren_Entwistle on Instagram.

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