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Discovery Day Welcomed High School Students to Campus

May 27, 2022

The Olds College campus was buzzing on May 12, 2022 with over one thousand high school students, teachers and parents attending Discovery Day!

With 26 sessions around campus, students spent the day jumping from session-to-session learning and taking part in demonstrations about the programs at Olds College that interested them. Students explored and discovered programs in agriculture, ag technology, horticulture, animal health, business and trades.

Students also got the opportunity to discover what student life was like at “The Hub” in the Alumni Centre that hosted booths from the Olds College Broncos Athletics, CLC Fitness Center, the Students Association of Olds College, Scholarships and Awards, Recruitment, TEP Program, Continuing Education and Health and Wellness. 

Through guided campus tours students had the opportunity to get the full breadth of what the campus had to offer including visits to the Alumni Museum, Campus Bookstore, Olds College Brewery and the Greenhouse. Students also had the opportunity to tour the Centennial Village with Residence Services.

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