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Improving Sustainability in Agriculture with Better Space Data from DragonEye Satellite

February 07, 2022

Olds College is excited to partner with Wyvern to improve sustainability in agriculture using high-resolution hyperspectral imagery with the upcoming launch of Wyvern’s DragonEye satellite.

Wyvern — a Canadian satellite startup company in Edmonton — received a $4 million investment from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) which will help Wyvern launch their DragonEye satellite. SDTC supports Canadian companies who are leading in the development of clean technologies. This satellite will deliver high-resolution hyperspectral imagery from high-quality camera technology to help improve on-farm management. Although various types of satellite imagery are currently being used in agriculture, the launch of Wyvern’s DragonEye satellite provides innovative, game-changing hyperspectral imagery, which has higher spectral resolution and is both scalable and affordable. 

Wyvern, Olds College, and numerous other collaborators are working together on this three-year project to collect and use data from Wyvern’s DragonEye satellite to improve the overall efficiency of crop inputs — which includes helping farmers use less fertilizer, pesticides, and water along with producing bigger yields.

The Olds College Smart Farm and HyperLayer Data Concept project is a perfect fit for the testing and analysis of new technologies to improve sustainability in the agriculture industry. The information gathered from the satellite will add additional layers to the HyperLayer Data Concept project.


To learn more about this game-changing technology, check out Wyvern’s media release and visit


Hyperspectral images contain more colors than other types of imagery, meaning it captures the spectral signature of your crop or forest.

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