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Olds College Launches Two New Equine Certificates

April 14, 2022

Olds College is excited to announce the launch of two brand new non-credit Equine Certificates developed to promote and provide standardization in the equine industry. Offered through Continuing Education, registration is now open for the Equine Coaching and Riding Certificate and the Equine Massage Therapy Certificate. “We have been working with key individuals in the equine industry to determine the type of programming that will allow students to gain the necessary skills to allow them to follow their passion and work within the industry” comments Debbie Bailey, Senior Manager, Continuing Education & Corporate Training, Olds College.

The Equine Coaching and Riding Certificate is designed to engage and develop students into being successful members of the equine industry. They will gain valuable skills related to equine enterprise management, coaching techniques, skills to develop strong riding abilities, along with learning equine anatomy and physiology. Students will learn how to critically think and give feedback positively as well as gain an understanding of equine health management procedures, and valuable knowledge in equine and athlete performance conditioning.

The Equine Massage Therapy Certificate utilizes theory and hands-on experiences that allow students to be employed in the Equine Massage Therapy field. Students will learn about important aspects of equine anatomy and physiology, they will gain knowledge about equine nutrition theories and practices. They will also be familiarized with common infectious diseases and parasites in horses including approaches and treatment, and explore equine neurology, pre and post-performance massage, and more.

Each certificate consists of two semesters, with a total of 10 mandatory courses (five courses each semester). In both programs, students may choose to take all the courses encompassing each program to obtain a certificate or can take courses on a stand-alone basis to increase skills in particular areas.

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