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Smart Farm Receives Funding for Livestock Production Applied Research

April 05, 2022

Smart Farm Receives Funding for Livestock Production Applied Research

The Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production (TACLP) at Olds College received $440,000 in funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for enhancing climate change resiliency and environmental sustainability of the livestock industry through the use of innovative technology and rotational grazing practices.



This funding was made available from NSERC through the College and Community Innovation (CCI) program’s Applied Research and Technology Partnership (ARTP) grants. This ARTP grant is supporting numerous projects that will take place on the Olds College Smart Farm — specifically the 308 acres at Pitstra Farm west of Carstairs, AB  — over the next two years.

With the ARTP funding, the TACLP at Olds College is using its applied research facilities and expertise to test products and technologies for improving environmental sustainability and climate change resiliency in Western Canada. The TACLP’s applied research activities will also support multiple small to medium-sized (SMEs) industry partners — Wyvern Inc., Carbon Asset Solutions Ltd., Union Forage and AdvancedAg Inc. — with plans to involve more partners.

“Thanks to this ARTP grant, Olds College Centre for Innovation will execute a series of industry-driven, college-led, applied research projects focused on developing, integrating, optimizing, validating, and demonstrating innovative agriculture technologies, processes, and practices that will build on the sustainability focus of our livestock production applied research,” comments Dr. Joy Agnew, Associate Vice President, Applied Research at Olds College. “Our goal is to provide research that will support small to medium enterprises, and help technology developers commercialize products that ranchers will use and gain value from.”

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