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Balancing Academics and Athletics: How One Student-Athlete's Dedication Led to Success

March 07, 2023

tabitha.jpegDespite the challenge of balancing academics and athletics, Tabitha Martin, outside hitter on the Broncos Women’s Volleyball team, has proven that anything is possible this spring as she graduates from her fourth program at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology.

Having first completed the Veterinary Technical Assistant Certificate dual credit program while in high school, Martin then went on to complete certificates in Business Management and 

Veterinary Medical Receptionist. Currently, she is finishing up her Animal Health Technology diploma. With her sights set on running her own animal clinic one day, each program has been beneficial to help reach this goal.

Martin recounts that studying while playing sports has not been easy, but found it helped having a passion for what she was studying. “The hands-on learning opportunities really helped make my education more interesting to me," she says. Furthermore, she adds that having a support system of involved academic advisors, teachers, tutors and athletic directors makes all the difference. “Knowing that there are people who have your back makes it such a great place to learn and grow,” says Martin.

One of the most valuable lessons Martin has learned from her experience is how to manage competing priorities like academics and athletics, as well as personal responsibilities like part-time jobs or other commitments. She explains this skill will come in especially handy when she opens her own clinic one day because all of these elements will still be present — but with much higher stakes.

Her commitment to academia alongside her athleticism shows just how hard work pays off in the end. Not only did she complete four programs while competing with the Broncos Women’s Volleyball team, she also ended up with invaluable skills around time management, goal setting, and personal responsibility that will serve her well into adulthood.

Way to go Tabitha! We’ll be following your success closely.

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