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Farrier Science Instructor Aaron Perry Receives Mentorship Award

November 15, 2023 | Robyn Soper

farrier-aaron.jpegAaron Perry, an instructor in the Farrier Science Certificate program at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, was recently recognized for his exceptional commitment to guiding aspiring farriers. He received a prestigious Mentorship Award during the North 49 Series Finals, highlighting the legacy of dedication and mentorship at Olds College.

Perry's impact on the growth and success of aspiring farriers is evident throughout his career, particularly at the North 49 Season Finals. His mentorship is reflected not only in his teachings but also in the achievements of his former students at the competition.

During the event, Anneke Barada secured second place in the shoeing competition and an impressive first place in one of the forging classes. Thoryn Bue exhibited remarkable talent, achieving third place in both the shoeing and forging competitions. Brett VanOsten showcased his excellence, earning a well-deserved first place in a forging class.

Furthermore, four current students volunteered on the stewards floor crew, gaining valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities. Their contributions played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of the competition.

The Mentorship Award at the North 49 Season Finals is a significant recognition given to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond in guiding and supporting upcoming farriers


“Aaron exemplified all the qualities we were looking for in someone to receive the mentorship award," said Kris Kremp, North 49 Representative, Alumnus, and former Farrier Science instructor at Olds College. "He was right in the fire, swinging his sledgehammer and coaching his former students through all classes. It meant a lot to me to give Aaron that award. He's a former student of mine, and it was really nice to see him pass that knowledge on to students as well."

The Mentorship Award was symbolized by a handcrafted wrought iron driving hammer, underscoring the strength, commitment, and craftsmanship that Aaron Perry brings to mentoring future farriers.

"I’m proud to be working alongside someone who is passionate about moving our industry forward," shared Madaline Kwan, Instructional Assistant, Farrier Science Certificate, Olds College.

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