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Olds College Brewmaster Wins Bronze in Iron Brewer Competition

February 27, 2023

be-the-brewer-2.jpegOlds College of Agriculture & Technology instructor and brewmaster, Jason Popesku, won bronze in the 2023 Iron Brewer Competition during the Jasper Beer & Spirits Festival on Feb. 12, 2023.

Hosted by Alberta Beer Festivals at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, this was the second year the competition has run with 16 of Alberta’s best brewers participating. Much like the popular culinary competition Iron Chef, the Iron Brewer Competition involves participants tasked with creating their entries using only ingredients provided to them.

This year, their ingredient kits included hops, base and specialty malts, three styles of yeast, as well as some unique ingredients such as grains of paradise and rose hip. The ingredient kits were provided to participants during the Banff Craft Beer Festival back in November 2022, giving participants two months to perfect their recipes and brew a winning entry. Participants then returned to the Jasper Beer & Spirits Festival to present their brew to a panel of industry experts.

Popesku, who is also an alumni from the first graduating class of the Brewmaster & Brewery Operation diploma program in 2010, received bronze with his winning brew — a spritely dark saison with notes of bubblegum, undertones of spicy fruitiness and a floral aroma.

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