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Open House Reaches Greater Success with Two-Day Event

October 20, 2023

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology enjoyed an impressive turnout for its first two-day Open House event on October 14 and 15. More than 900 students from across Canada flocked to the campus. Visitors came from all areas, from Quebec to British Columbia, to explore the college and experience its vibrant atmosphere.


On Friday, the Open House itinerary featured 15 informative sessions tailored for school groups and individuals. These highlighted the wide range of programs available. Additional sessions provided insights into the application process, admissions, and financial aid, ensuring that potential students had all the information they needed. For those aspiring to be student-athletes, coaches from Broncos Athletics were on hand to offer valuable advice, answer questions and give an overview of the day in the life of a student athlete. The day also offered ten student-led campus tours and a look at the college's housing options.

Saturday was all about engaging with the college's vibrant community. Student volunteers, driven by their passion for their respective programs, guided attendees through a day filled with exploration and discovery. This included 28 diverse tours, covering program facilities, Smart Farm facilities, and a glimpse into student life, including residences, the cafeteria, shared spaces, and recreation facilities.

Some fortunate students had the unique opportunity to be personally guided around campus by none other than the college’s president, Ben Cecil, himself, while others embarked on farrier tours led by Dean Dennis Beadoin.

A bustling hub of 16 info booths allowed students to engage one-on-one with staff and current students, gaining valuable insights into program areas and student services. A standout attraction was the mocktail bar hosted by the Hospitality & Tourism faculty, adding a fun and interactive element to the day's activities.

Both days of the Open House offered students the chance to apply to programs for free, and this opportunity did not go unnoticed. The event garnered a remarkable 243 applications for the 2024 intake, highlighting the enthusiasm and interest of potential future students.

The success of this year's Open House underscores the growing appeal of Olds College—with its diverse programs, vibrant campus life and dedication to shaping the next generation of agriculture and technology professionals—as a destination for higher education.

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