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SeedMaster partners with Olds College to support next generation of agriculture

October 03, 2023

Olds, Alta. (Oct 2, 2023) – SeedMaster Manufacturing Ltd. is proud to announce a new 10-year partnership with Olds College of Agriculture & Technology to sponsor seeding equipment for the Olds College Smart Farm. This partnership demonstrates SeedMaster’s commitment to advances in agricultural innovation and nurturing the next generation of farm leaders.

 “We are pleased to support Olds College through this sponsorship,” says Tim Criddle, Global Sales Director at SeedMaster. “By providing the SeedMaster Toolbar and UltraPro II 550 on-frame seeding system we can combine our precise seed placement and uniform product distribution with the college’s cutting-edge research and education programs.”


SeedMaster, based in Emerald Park, Sask., develops and manufactures leading-edge seeding technology. This new partnership with Olds College is part of SeedMaster’s commitment to innovation to help farmers grow crops more profitably. 

As part of the partnership, SeedMaster will be providing Olds College with:

Olds College will use SeedMaster equipment to support their Smart Farm operations, to conduct research activities and to provide learning opportunities to students in the Heavy Equipment Technician Program as well as other programs that the college offers.

"Partnerships like this are the lifeblood of the work we do here at the College,” states Todd Ormann, Vice President of Development at Olds College. “Without generous donations like this we would be unable to deliver the education and research needed to support the agriculture industry. Modern technology like this is critical in developing the learnings around seeding applications that support increased yields and environmental stewardship. We truly thank SeedMaster for this donation."

SeedMaster will provide the equipment to Olds College for the 2024 and 2025 growing seasons and replace it with new equipment with similar specifications in two-year intervals.

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