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Students Gain International Business Skills with X-Culture

February 27, 2023

dsc_3230-2.jpegEarlier this fall, five agribusiness students gained valuable international business experience by participating in a unique global experiential learning project — X-Culture.

An innovative program that was launched in 2010, the X-Culture Project was piloted to students in MGT3200 - Project Management for Agriculture course taught by Sharaz Khan, instructor in the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology. With over 5,000 students having participated in the program worldwide, the X-Culture Project acts as a valuable tool to connect students with real companies facing real international business challenges.

“It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad my instructor introduced something so different for us to participate in,” commented Tray-Lyn, third-year Bachelor of Applied Science - Agribusiness student. “I learned a lot of different skills that I hope to use in my future career.”

Taking place over the course of two months, the five students participating in the project were assigned to virtual teams made up of other business students from across the world.

“This experience not only helped them to hone their business and project management skills, but also to learn important lessons about teamwork and communication,” comments Khan. “Through this program, students got the opportunity to collaborate with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, and to tackle real-world challenges. It has provided invaluable insight into working in a global environment.”

During this time, students in the program got the opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world, as well as navigate working together through different time zones and cultures. Students were able to utilize their skills and knowledge to complete their projects, and share their experiences with the rest of their classmates.

“With the continuing growth of globalization, this program will likely become an even more important tool for students to prepare for their future career paths,” Khan continues. “I’m hoping to make this project into a course by itself.”

At the end of the project, the students got the opportunity to present their strategies to a panel of independent experts. They also received Global Collaboration Experience certificates, which were presented to them by the dean of Werklund School of Agriculture Technology — Jay Steeves.

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