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Trades Students and Rotary Club Improve Communities at Home and Abroad

May 11, 2023

welding-rotary.jpegOlds College of Agriculture & Technology trades students have shown their commitment to serving the community by providing their skilled services to the Rotary Club of Olds. Their contributions to the Rotary Club include working on two separate projects aimed at improving the lives of families in Alberta and Mexico.

Five welding students in the Pre-Employment Welding Certificate program worked to build 150 flagpole holders that the Rotary Club of Olds will use for its inaugural fundraising project. The holders will support the Fly The Flag Fundraiser — a program where Rotarians will install a Canadian flag on the front lawn of community members for a small donation of $75. Proceeds from this fundraiser will support local and international programs that benefit communities and those who live in them.

Dennis Beaudoin, Dean, School of Trades & Skills, was thrilled with the partnership between the Rotary Club and Olds College. He said, "it's a great example of a community partnership where the students can gain experience in their field of study while assisting the local Rotary Club to support various community groups and projects."

In addition to the welding students, two students in the Heavy Equipment Technician Diploma program also provided their services for a separate Rotary Club project called Los Amigos. They ensured a decommissioned ambulance was ready for the road by conducting important checks on its fluids and batteries, and carrying out routine inspections. The Los Amigos project has donated 44 vehicles to needy communities in Mexico since 2011 thanks to donations and sponsorships from Rotary Clubs, businesses, and southern Alberta communities.

ambulance.jpeg"This is a great example of a community partnership. The students are able to gain experience in their field of study while assisting our local Rotary Club to support so many community groups and projects," commented Randy Smith, President of the Rotary Club of Olds.

A team of Rotary Club members from Olds traveled to Mazatlán, Mexico in May to donate 60 decommissioned emergency vehicles and other equipment gathered through the generous donations of different organizations. The recent support given by the trades students from the College helped the Rotary Club achieve its goal of improving the lives of many families in Mazatlán.

Olds College trades students are inspiring examples of what can be achieved when people come together to support a worthy cause. It's clear these generous individuals and organizations are making positive and lasting changes in their own communities as well as others around the globe.

To get involved or if you have any questions, reach out to the Rotary Club of Olds at

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