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Community Learning Campus Upgrading Fitness Facilities to Meet Growing Training Needs!

January 16, 2024 | Sara Harper on behalf of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, Marketing & Communications

The Community Learning Campus (CLC) is thrilled to announce plans to upgrade its fitness facilities to better cater to the increasing training needs of its valued clients. The decision comes after several months of meticulous review and data analysis by the CLC Executive, represented by Olds College of Agriculture & Technology and Chinook’s Edge School Division leadership.

“Olds College and Chinook’s Edge School Division greatly appreciate the community’s passion for the CLC Fitness Centre. Through the joint CLC partnership, we work hard to meet the current needs of the CLC Fitness Centre clients while maintaining our mission that our facilities evolve to meet the needs of our partnership and community for years to come. With the growing needs of all CLC Fitness Centre users, we are excited to be able to provide a new refreshed space that adds high value to a range of fitness needs now and into the future,” CLC Executive Committee. 

clc-fitness-room.pngThe upgrade plan outlines a strategic approach to maximize space and resources. The team is optimistic about the renovation as it offers a needed response to the increasing demand for training options from community clients.

Moreover, the CLC Executive recognizes the growing training needs of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, Olds High School, and the CLC Fitness Centre itself. The expansion aims to address these needs by providing additional space, ensuring that all clients receive the best possible training experience.

The upgrades will primarily affect the current squash court space, which has been identified as an underutilized space. It will be transformed into a functional fitness area where clients will have an abundance of room to engage in a variety of fitness activities, including stretching, core exercises, plyometrics, battle rope workouts, TRX training, medicine ball wall tosses, etc. which will greatly increase the variety of fitness options for our overall clientele community. 

To begin these renovations, the squash court will be closed permanently as of Feb. 12 in order to transform the space taking approximately 4-5 weeks to complete. Members can anticipate this new training space to be available in early Spring 2024 and will be updated regularly as renovations progress.

The CLC remains focused on maintaining its competitive edge in a community with multiple facility options and growing fitness needs. The expansion aligns with a forward-thinking business model, responding to the changing landscape of fitness and ensuring the overall satisfaction of its clients, both internal and external.

Stay tuned for further updates as the CLC sets the stage for a brighter and fitter future!

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