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Dual Credit Students Test their Skills at Welding Competition

March 19, 2024

Three high school students got the opportunity to showcase and access their welding skills at the Skills Canada Alberta Regional competition on Saturday, March 16, 2024.


Pacey Sparks from Bowden Grandview School, Matthew Hodge from Didsbury High School and Brielle Underhill from Sundre High School, were selected through the onsite dual credit welding program at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. Dual credit high school students receive credits into their program of choice should they choose to continue after high school. With aspirations of pursuing welding as a career after high school, the competition was a chance to learn and grow in their trade as students.

“This event gave these three students the opportunity to tweak their skills and experience a competition early-on in their experience with the trade,” says James Palidwar, Instructor, Olds College. “They faced challenges, made connections with other students and gained valuable insights into their welding abilities at the competition.”

The competition featured high school and post-secondary students at different skill levels of evaluation. The trio of students expressed how excited they were to be selected to compete, and grateful for the opportunity to elevate their craft and test their skills. For Sparks, Hodge and Underhill, they knew regardless of the outcome, the experience would be invaluable for their future endeavors in the field. 

“Being a dual credit student has been extremely helpful in figuring out my career choices for the future and learning new skills that can be used almost anywhere you go,” explains Underhill. “Because of the dual credit program, I was able to explore more about welding and learn from amazing instructors.”

These students will be starting the Olds College Pre-Employment Welder program at the end of this month.

Congratulations to Pacey Sparks, Matthew Hodge and Brielle Underhill on stepping outside your comfort zone and competing at SKILLS!

What is Dual Credit?

A high-school student who is taking a dual credit course/program is enrolled in both high school and post-secondary at the same time. Students are taking a course or courses that give them high school and post-secondary credits simultaneously, upon successful completion. Learn More

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